About us is just our continuation of PasioIngredients was the sole proprietorship that I and my then boyfriend (current husband) started in '05.

He started it all back in the fall of '98 as a attempt to emulate the succes of the Dallas Buyers Club (DBC) that rose to prominance in the mid '80s and continued in the early '90s. The DBC aimed to help HIV infected patients with effective and affordable medicines that were available on prescription and sometimes over the counter in Mexico. Raning from antivirals that were not yet FDA approved and even straight anabolic steroids..

My then boyfriend, current husband found inspiration in that and tried something similar but then aiming at people suffering from Auto Immune Disorders like Sjögren that his mom suffered from. You see our origins are far different than your local EU based drugstore, supermarket or health food store.

It was in late '90s that the connection was established with Jarrow Formulas Inc. out of LA California USA. Jarrow was involved as suppliers to the Dallas Buyers Club.

These ideals of bringing value are still withus in 2022.

We adhere to quality, strict selection on safety, reputation of brands/supplier(s) and efficacy.