Free Returns

To guarantee customer satisfaction, we offer free returns for products that for some reasons did not meet your expectations when you do this within 10 work days (14 days).

You can create a return request in your customer account.

We do however have a few restrictions.

1.The product purchased that cannot be returned are

1. probiotics

2 .products sold in a SALE 

3. product or products that have already been opened and the seal has been broken.

4. books or other reading material

5. free gifts

If your order turns out to have been damaged by arrival please do not hesitate email or call us.
Do NOT wait for 3 days or more to report a damaged shipment, but write us (email) or call directly aftter arrival and you find that the supplements have been damaged or a seal has been broken.
Make a few pictures immediately (smart phone) and include them in the mail as an attachment.

Only this way we can verify the damage and be able to send a replacement.

Besides the restrictions mentioned in point 1 to 5 we can give you a refund once the products are returned or exchange for others. Just create a return request in your customer account and select the reason why you wish to return the product.

We are always glad to help you select the product(s) you really need or want.