Bilberry + grapeskin 120 capsules - Zweedse bosbes, OPC, resveratrol, pycnogenol | Jarrow Formulas
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Jarrow Formulas Bilberry with a Swedish bilberry extract supports the blood flow to the eye, supplying oxygen with fresh blood to the eyes should have a benefical impact on the eyes. Bilberry + Grapeskin Polyphenols is a synergistic blend of standardized flavonoid antioxidants. Swedish...
brandJarrow Formulas best beforeOct 2023
Vitals Elementair Borium uses as a base ‘concentrated mineral drops’ (CMD), which is a special sea water concentrate from the the Great Salt Lake, that contains a full spectrum of minerals and trace elements (devoid of nearly all sodium present, but enriched with added boron from sodium...
brandVitals dietvegan, hypo-allergenic
Pterostilbene 60 capsules - active ingredient in resveratrol | Jarrow Formulas
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Jarrow Formulas trans -Pterostilbene as Silbinol ®  which is a 100% natural trans-pterostilbene extracted from the heart wood of Pterocarpus marsupium . Pterostilbene is a methylated form of resveratrol, with greater uptake and metabolic stability in the body. trans -Pterostilbene is a...
brandJarrow Formulas brand ingredientSilbinol®
Vitals Pycnogenol® is a patented and standardized pine bark extract (the outer part of the bark) of the maritime pine (Pinus pinaster), which is a pine species that grows at the SW coast of France. Pines are rich in various polyphenols such as the oligomere proanthocyanidines (OPC) and...
brandVitals best beforeSep 2023
Resveratrol 100mg 120 capsules value-size | Jarrow Formulas
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5100 3575
Jarrow Formulas Resveratrol 100 Resveratrol has been a hot supplement since this polyphenol, a chemical found in grapes and plants, has shown promise in several studies published in Nature (2004 - 2006). From a ingredient that might prolong life in man as it does with mice. Other studies...
brandJarrow Formulas best beforeOct 2023
Resveratrol Synergy 200mg 60 tablets - transresveratrol, grape seed, grape skin, green tea & quercetin | Jarrow Formulas
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As a source of resveratrol, catechins, anthocyanins, proanthocyanins and quercetin, Jarrow Formulas Resveratrol Synergy 200 builds on the health effects of red wine without the negative side-effects of alcohol. Vitamin C adds to the benefits of these powerful antioxidants and free-radical...
brandJarrow Formulas brand ingredientpTeroPure®
VeinEase 60 capsules - diosmin, hesperidine, grapeseed extract for healthy legs | AOR
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AOR VeinEase for healthy and good looking legs. VeinEase contains a synergystic combination of natural phytochemicals to support vascular integrity, improve healthy circulation and decrease capillary permeability.  • diosmin, a flavonoid glycoside found naturally occurring in a variety of...
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