Recipes with protein powder


Most of you will know how important protein is for building or maintaining lean body mass when dieting down or suffering from a chronic disease.

Most fitness enthousiasts buy protein powder to add extra protein to their diet without needing a lot of extra time or effort. Put in a shaker cup, add water, shake, and you have a portable drink to revitalize your muscles and energy. Or add it to a blender with milk, fruit, greens, nut butter, or other fun ingredients and it's an anytime snack or meal replacement.

But protein powders can also be used for a variety of dishes.You can start with easier ones like making smoothies or the famous protein fluff (best made with micellar casein).You can find a variety of recipes on the web, but also try to adapt existing recipes by exchanging flour for protein powder.
With egg protein powder, you can bring them back to life again as regular egg whites and replace eggs or eggwhites with egg protein.

When cooking with protein powders it is important to remember: don't use too much powder, moisturize the protein with foods such as bananas, cottage cheese, yoghurt, sweet potatoes, applesauce or cooked beets. When making cookies, add extra fat.

Once you have mastered easier recipes, you can try your hands on more difficult ones. While searching for interesting recipes, we discovered Yummly and want to recommend it to you because it can be so easily customized, especially when you need to avoid certain allergens.

In parting, we share an easy and delicious recipe for protein fluff with you. Whey Protein is the most commonly used type of protein. It is absorbed quickly, and dissolves easily in cold liquids. All you need is 1 scoop (30g) of whey protein (or casein) , 100ml of milk and 125g of frozen blueberries (or any other frozen fruit) Blend with immersion blender until the frozen mixture has become smooth and then whisk with electric whisker for 5-8 minutes to gain volume. Eat immediately.

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  Protein powders fall into two different categories: animal-derived or plant-derived. Animal derived protein powder is either made from dairy (mostly from cows) or from eggs. Dairy protein can be from all of the milk, just casein or whey. Whey protein is more quickly absorbed and preferred by athletes as pre- or post-workout meal as well as by aging adults. You may also be interested in Greek yoghurt protein, which is more easily digested than regular dairy protein. Casein protein is ideal as a night-time protein because it is slowly absorbed. Plant protein used to be all about soy, which is a great source as it has all essential amino acids. In the last few years, many other plant protein powders became available, and some of those are cartified organic.