Veggie happiness!

by ir. Yvana van den Hork

In the past week, we were enlightened with a blog article, telling us there is now final proof how people that eat more veggies, are happier. Isn't that awesome! Wow, how could this come about? We started wondering...could it be these folks, who outeat all others regarding veggies have all ducks in a row in which living a healthy lifestyle and eating healthily with lots of veggies is just the final 'duck' in the 'row'.
These happy folks may grow their own veggies or at least spend more time than others do, to pick out veggies at a local greengrocer or local farmer rather than throwing them carelessly in their shopping cart.
Guess what, the scientists doing the research must have had the same thought: what could the other ducks be in that row? The article offers five determining factors for happiness.

To start with... earning more money. People with the highest salary are among the happiest. Unfortunately we aren't always able to influence this factor swiftly. So, let's look at the four other factors that determine happiness without needing a high income.

The second factor is: sleeping well. Which isn't necessarily the same as sleeping for a very long time. Sleeping well is about having uninterrupted sleep with enough REM sleep phases. There is a lot to write about quality of sleep , but for now we simply refer you to the sleep archive at Ergo-Log.

The third factor is 'move more'. People that exercise 7 times a week or more are the happiest. The biggest difference between non-exercisers and regular exercisers is for those who do it 3 or 4 times a week. Strangely, 5-6 times a week doesn't make people as happy.

The fourth factor is to not sit around for too long. Those that spend least time sitting on a chair, are the happiest. Even people who play sports, aren't safe when they spend most of their working time seated. After all, there's a new expression : "sitting is the new smoking". Read up more here on the dangers of staying seated for too long.

Finally, the fifth factor is 'eating more veggies'. Whomever eats 4 or more servings of veggies in a day, is on average, the happiest person. This particular research is related to a previous one in which they researched the concept of 'flourishing'.

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