Training in the heat

by ir. Yvana van den Hork

After a warm spring and a seemingly endless monsoon in June, the hottest days of summer are lying ahead. For those of us, that want to train in the heat, a few tips for hot weather training.

Listen to signals from your body: don't hesitate to stop exercising when you feel lightheaded, disoriented or nauseous.
Don't start on a new and challenging training program in the heat: you should be fit already, so the body only needs to adapt to the heat instead of both the heat and a higher training performance.
Avoid training in the hottest time of day by exercising late in the evening or early in the morning.
Take it easier than you normally do. Wear state-of-the-art garments that allow sweat to evaporate faster from the body.
Stay hydrated and add salt to your drinks to replenish lost electrolytes.

If you are going to participate in longer and challenging outdoor events, try pre-cooling such as most Tour de France cyclists have adopted doing with ice baths, ice-vests and whatnot (see Pre-Cool for better performance).
Without such fancy vests, cold drinks can work great too, just make sure to sip them slowly so as not to get your stomach upset.

It can be quite a challenge when you have set yourself the task to not just maintain weight but to increase muscle mass.
There's a reason why most do it in winter: hot weather and a good appetite don't go well together.
The solution will be to drink more of your calories as protein smoothies in between your main meals. Make sure to eat plenty carbs in your post workout meal to ensure fast recovery and optimal muscle gain.

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Adding CLA to your diet will reduce fat mass while increasing lean body mass, provided you eat enough calories to gain weight and train appropriately.
This means : try to increase weights or reps when you can, using proper form and as many multi-joint exercises as possible (squats, deadlifts, presses en rows)