Smart drugs

by Anthony Katgert

"Please pass my smart drugs ..."

Years ago, when I was had just stopped with a study Nutrition and Dietetics" and had started an enterprise, but needed another job to finance it, I made a new friend whose life was devoted to study smart drugs.
He already had embraced smart drugs when he was still a student in philosophy and simply wanted to get smarter. LSD didn't quite cut it for him, but there was enough available, provided you had the 'right connections'.

His search for drugs that we now call 'nootropics' or 'cognitive enhancers' resulted in a vast collection of scientific articles as well as personal experience in using them. Years later I felt compelled to write an article about these smart drugs. The article started like this :

Almost everyone will have experienced this:  you need to finish an article or prepare a presentation , but you have a writer's block and can't find the proper words. I've experiend this often enough.

Only recently I was asked at my job (yours truly works part-time for a well-known financial institute) to give a presentation immediately about my ideas for quality improvements. At that very moment I was dead tired from a very long work day and left without inspiration. If I hadn't taken one of my 'smart drugs' I would most definitely have refused to do this presentation.

So yes indeed, I am in favour of smartly used 'smart drugs' . I am in favour when it is appropriate for the moment and can bring you forwards in your career. Especially in these 'economically interesting times' I don't believe there is anyone who can still dawdle at his/her job, regardless of what kind of job (or study) you are doing.

In case you think that the use of smart drugs will lead to abuse, think again. In the past 30 years it ahs been proven that most smart drug users are responsible citizens that are nearly invariably law-abiding citizens who benefit our society. Smart drugs are safer than alcohol, which can be both damaging to your own health as well as disrupt society (just think about the casualties in traffic).

So when to take what? Well, it depends where you need it for.
When I need to be creative, I prefer taking vinpocetine.
When I feel dead tired and need to do a lot, I prefer a high dose of vitamin B12 as well as the fat-soluble B1-vitamin sulbutiamine that readily passes the blood-brain barrier.
If you have trouble remembering things, try citicoline and/or ginkgo.
If you only need a little push, you are best off using a stimulant such as caffein, (N-acetyl)tyrosine or acetyl-L-carnitine.

Nowadays we still offer a manifold of these nootropics and may even increase offerings. More follows in the future.

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