Shopping safely at

Shopping safely at 

Ever since Pasio was founded, we have been aware of the importance of privacy for visitor and customers of our website. Since 2005 when our first webshop was opened, we have made a concerted effort to use available technology to increase security of both our website, the server as well as the online communication.

A lot has changed since 2005! The web offers ever more content with videos, beautiful images, a ton of information and many webshops. In contrast with what you might think, the internet has also become a much safer place.


Increased safety is possible because of increased awareness among internet users but also and especially because of better encryption. Encryption of communication over the internet.

Ever since internet came into existence, communication was always open and could easily be interecepted, even with very little effort. This was the main reason why the military services that used it initially, chose to abandon it and go towards another parallel and more secure internet service, while they left the use of their former secret web to the 'market' where content makers as well as content consumers, could operate freely. Start webshops, create online news papers, blog about passions.

For the ordinary citizen, encryption was something they would read about in crime and espionage novels. A few years ago, this changed and even regular citizens also became aware of the necessity to at least guard his/her own financial privacy. You don't tell everyone where you keep your bank card and especially not what your pin code is. So why would you do this online? Becoming more vigilant about this, is a good development!

However, we start seeing that government bodies try to disrupt the trend for increased privacy and data encryption, by saying this is all done because the need to "combat internet crime" and demand from developers and companies to build in so-called 'back doors' where only the 'good guys' will use it in order to catch the 'criminals'.

We strongly disagree when there is no evidence an individual or a company is doing anything criminal. With that thought in mind, we have taken measures to secure communication with customers or visitors of our website.
This is why we moved our entire webshop and its infrastructure to neutral Switzerland, the country that takes privacy seriously yet is hard on internet crime. At the same time , government in the Netherlands doesn't just limit itself to legally hacking proven dangerous websites. Being able to drive fast in a car, doesn't mean you should drive too fast anywhere and everywhere.

Safe data communication center

Furthermore the server (our own private property) for our webshop is located in the best guarded data communication center in the entire world Combined with various security measures within our webshop, such as the SSL-certificate that encrypts all communication between the webshop and your browser or email service.
The server itself is guarded with a so-called DDoS hardware application, preventing attacks as well as possible.
Every day, every moment of the day this webshop and the server on which it runs, is being tested for satefy leaks.

We pride ourselves that is the only Dutch webshop that has taken such rigorous measures!

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