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Jarrow Formulas Ribose 100g Powder is one of the necessary building blocks for the formation of ATP, the “universal” energy molecule in the body. Physical stress can deplete ATP stores in cardiac and skeletal muscles. As the rate-limiting substrate in the synthesis of nucleotides, including ATP, ribose plays a vital role in replenishing ATP, thus, enhancing energy production and improving workout recovery.
No artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors.

Jarrow Formulas Ribose Muscle Edge is made by microbial fermentation, and is protected by U.S. patents 6,159,942, 6,534,480, 6,218,366, and 6,339,716.

who benefits from using ribose?
Ribose is mainly interesting for strength and endurance athletes, but also for others who could benefit from having more energy, more endurance and a faster recovery from strenuous labour.

what sets Jarrow Formulas Ribose apart from other similar nutritional supplements?
Jarrow Formulas Ribose is made using a method (Muscle Edge®) , protected by no less than 4 patents, which relies on fermentation by microbes
Jarrow Formulas Ribose only contain pure D-ribose and no other additives

what role plays ribose?
D-ribose makes together with 2 other phosphates plus RNA and adenine, ATP. The speed at which ATP can be created out of ADP and an extra phospate group  from creatine phosphate (CP) is limited.
Delivering extra phosphate by means of creatine supplementation is not always useful, especially when muscles are being taxed at their max for a long period of time.  That results in a limited muscle recovery capacity. This is where ribose supplementation can give you an edge as the missing link in a complete recovery of the energy system.

background reading
A dynamic carbohydrate 
Jarrow Formulas Ribose (100% D-ribose) is for athletes and others interested in improved energy, endurance and recovery. Ribose is a carbohydrate found in every cell in the body. It is an important component of DNA and RNA, structures that make up our genes. Ribose is also involved in ATP production, the body’s main energy source.

Research since the 1970s has continued to confirm the benefit of this compound for the heart and circulation, and recently for energy metabolism in skeletal muscles.

Energy production by the cells
ATP (adenosine triphosphate) contains ribose, adenine plus three phosphate groups. Energy transfer involves the linking and unlinking of these phosphate groups. Thus, ATP provides energy when it loses a phosphate group to become ADP (adenosine diphosphate), or when it loses two phosphates to become AMP (adenosine monophosphate).
Eventually, phosphate groups are added back to AMP and ADP to replenish ATP. Creatine, a popular supplement for athletes, helps muscles quickly replenish ATP during intense exercise.

The ribose links to energy
Under extreme stress, or in certain disease states, phosphate groups do not reattach to form ATP, and ADP is further broken down into AMP. The build-up of AMP in cells is not a stable condition, so some AMP is removed, resulting in the loss of adenine and ribose. Loss of these components in cells makes it harder for the body to store and transfer energy.

Ribose is the limiting factor in the production of energy carriers. Cells cannot absorb ATP from blood, so each must make its own ATP. At any one time, enough ATP is stored in the body for about 10 seconds of all-out exertion –– so it is imperative to keep the ADP-to-ATP energy cycle fl owing smoothly. The more active the muscle, the more ATP it uses. During intense exertion, skeletal muscles quickly exhaust their ATP stores, and heart muscle is most vulnerable to ATP shortages. These muscles can therefore benefit from ribose supplementation.

Ribose improves muscle energy and recovery
It should be noted that ribose is not readily available in amounts near recommended quantities from any food source. The body must make ribose from glucose through a series of complicated and energy-intensive steps. Unfortunately, this process is quite slow and may actually require days to complete. Supplemental ribose, in contrast, is immediately available to the body.

The body uses ribose energetically in three ways:

1) Ribose can be used to produce glucose and glycogen (the storage form of carbohydrate energy). While offering the energy benefi ts of sugars, ribose does not affect blood sugar levels.
2) When oxygen is available, ribose can be converted into pyruvate, another energy source.
3) Most importantly, ribose is necessary for the ATP production. Without ribose, cells cannot provide energy. With ribose, cells can recover rapidly from intense exertion.

Research has shown that intense exercise causes signifi cant ATP decreases in skeletal muscle. These energy carriers were not fully replaced even after 72 hours of rest. This may be an important consideration in overexertion and in over-training. Research presented at the American College of Sports Medicine meeting in 1999 indicates that ribose supplemention may greatly reduce recovery time after intense exertion. Indeed, ribose is the immediate precursor to PRPP (5-phosphoribosyl-1-pyrophosphate), which is the rate-limiting factor in ATP synthesis. For athletes, this is of major importance. The synthesis of the adenine/ribose component of ATP is 3-6 times faster with ribose supplementation!

• Dynamic Simple Carbohydrate
• Increases Energy and Endurance
• Synergistic with Creatine
• Supports Muscle Recovery

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Forget about exercising to lose weight: you can't outrun a bad diet! 

A few days ago, an article showed up in my newsfood about a remarkable result of research done on the Hadza tribe in Tanzania, which still leads a traditional hunter-gatherer lifestyle. 
Despite walking an average of a multiple of ten thousands of steps every day, they barely need more calories than the average couch potato in a Western country. 
That same day I discussed with an old friend who had read the same news story. He told me how he had trained for a marathon in the past, but barely dropped any weight while doing so. Only when he spent a week on liquid foods at a spa, he succeeded in losing weight which he mostly thanks to the relaxed environment. Otherwise it was next to impossible. Apparently his body really clung to its precious body fat! 
But how was this possible? We didn't really know though we had our suspicions. I I could tell much about the same story. Yes, I'd drop weight pretty fast in the first few weeks of the cycling season or on a longer cycling holiday, but would get stuck at my regular (still too heavy) summer weight while I wasn't really inhaling tons of food. Except then for the Route des Cent Cols during which I could barely eat enough to stay fit and sleep well for all those mountains. 
Let's find out more about this particular research!
When Herman Pontzer set off for the rugged savannah of Tanzania to spend a summer with the local Hadza people, he thought he knew what he would find. As an evolutionary biologist, his aim was to measure how the Hadza’s hunter-gatherer lifestyle causes them to burn more energy. Because we all know the more exercise you do, the more calories you burn and the slimmer you become, right? Well no, not exactly.
Don’t expect any meaningful weight change in the long term from exercise alone.”
What Pontzer and his fellow researchers discovered flew in the face of received wisdom about how our metabolism works. Although the Hadza lead far more active lives than ours – routinely walking long distances, they undertake more physical activity daily than the typical American does in a week – their energy expenditure was no greater. They were burning the same number of calories as men and women from industrialised populations. Our bodies, concluded Pontzer, seem to maintain daily energy expenditure within a narrow window, no matter what lifestyle we lead. While obesity is largely caused by overconsumption, it appears there’s little we can do to change the calories we burn.

Set point and holiday weight gain

At the time of writing this article the first week of advent has almost finished. In this week most people will have started decorating their homes for the holiday season that is upon us.
Though for most this period may not be as festive as it normally is, since it is not allowed to organize large gatherings because of COVID-19, we can still try to make the most of it and indulge in the small pleasures of life. 
Quite a lot of people that are trying to become fit and trim worry about the holiday season and what damage it will do to their progress: how can they avoid weight gain during those days? 
We can reassure the worryworts: you will be fine to indulge on those special days. With emphasis on 'special' days as nothing spectacular will happen when you eat normal on the other days. The bigger problem is when you spread out those days over an extended period of say two to three weeks. 
But even with a longer period of dietary negligence, most people notice it is surprisingly easy to get rid of the extra holiday weight, due to a wonderful (and scary) phenomenon called 'set point'. 

recommended use
take one scoop (2g) up to 3 times per day with water or other fluid, before or after exercise or as directed by your qualified health care consultant.

contains per minimum daily serving (2g, 1 scoop)
calories 10kcal
total carbohydrate 2g
- D-ribose 2g

RDI = Recommended Daily Intake
† RDI not established

100% pure ribose

none reported

store in a cool, dry place; keep lid tightly closed

allergy information
contains no familiar allergens (wheat, gluten, soy, lupin, nuts/tree nuts, celery, mustard, sesame seeds, dairy, egg, fish/shellfish or mollusks)

suitable for vegetarians and vegans

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