Pea protein isolate 1kg | Power Supplements

Pea protein isolate 1kg | Power Supplements

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Pea Protein Isolate is a concentrated source of high-quality vegetable protein. It contains naturally present fibers and has been sweetened with an extract from the stevia plant.
Pea Protein Isolate is free of milk, soy and any artificial additives.
what are the distinguishing characteristics of Pea Protein Isolate?
• protein derived from peas
• vegetarian
• high amount of protein: 80%
• sweetened with stevia
• 17% BCAA and high amount of arginine
• natural fibers and minerals
• low fat content
• gluten- and lactose-free

brand :
Power Supplements
best before:
Oct 2021
  • powder
audience :
  • athletes
  • vegetarians
  • vegan
  • lupin
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  • a dietary supplement is not a subsitute for a healthy diet ; do not exceed recommended dose
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  • tested on doping in Köln WADA-doping lab

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With ever stricter rules in place, people suddenly realized they are not prepared for events like this, and started buying goods left and right without much of a plan.
Like most of you, I have also not given this much thought, so it stands to reason to go take a look in the USA where 'prepping' for disasters is popular, and rightly so because of the more dramatic weather conditions. Because people in North America generally live much further away from supermarkets and do not always have access to good tap water and electricity power may go off for longer periods of time,most advice given is superfluous for our society where power outages are rare and tap water reliable.
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Why are we all so focussed on superfoods? Secretly, we all hope for the miracle natural 'drug' to cure or prevent heart diseases and other degenerative diseases, especially when it can compensate for other bad habits, such as smoking, drinking too much alcohol, not sleeping enough and moving too little.

In order to do away with the hype of it all, we at Pasio decided to get rid of the category of 'superfoods' and merge all edible products (fats, proteins and superfoods) into one major category called 'nutrition'.
While there is no official legal definition of superfoods, this doesn't mean there isn't a scientific basis for calling a food “super.”

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However, what type of micronutrients these are , is up for debate.

recommended use
general : mix 1 scoop of Pea Protein Isolate (25-30 gram) with 250-300 ml milk, fruit juice or your own favourite liquid.
When mixing with water, 300-350ml water is needed because Pea Protein becomes thicker in water than with milk. Use refrigerated water for an optimal taste.
high protein diet: take 1-1,5 scoop of Pea Protein Isolate with a serving of vegetables which becomes a nutritious low-carb meal. Use a maximum of 3 scoops a day.
sport: take 1 - 1,5 scoop of Pea Protein Isolate before and/or after your training or when your regular diet is low in protein. Use a maximum of 3 scoops a day.

contains per 100g powder
calorieën 305kcal
eiwit 80g
carbohydrates 5g
fat ~2g
sodium 173mg
fiber 5g

amino acid profile

essential amino acids
Histidine 2,6%
Isoleucine 4,8%
Leucine 8,3%
Lysine 7,2%
Methionine 1,2%
Phenylalanine 5,6%
Threonine 3,9%
Tryptophan 1,0%
Valine 5,1%

non-essential amino acids
Alanine 4,4%
Arginine 8,8%
Aspartic acid 11,6%
Cystine 1,1%
Glutamic acid 16,8%
Glycine 4,1%
Proline 4,4%
Serine 5,2%
Tyrosine 3,9%

pea protein isolate (lupin), natural flavour, sweetener (steviol glycosides from stevia plant)

keep dry and closed at normal room temperature
keep out of reach of young children

none reported

allergy information
contains lupin (pea)
contains no other familiar allergens (wheat, gluten, soy, nuts/tree nuts, celery, mustard, sesame seeds, dairy, egg, fish/shellfish or mollusks)

suitable for vegetarians and vegans

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