Paid likes on Facebook and reviews

Paid likes on Facebook and reviews

Sometimes we receive an email with the following text :

"Hello! We see you only have X amount of likes on yuour Facebook page, wouldn't you want more of them? We offer you the option to get 1000 likes or more, which increases visibility on Facebook.

When you are interested in what our company can do for you, please contact us.

Best regards , XXXXX"

Well, first of all, we can tell you that having Facebook likes only means something when they are given honestly.

When they are honest, because you like our company and want to support us, they are more than welcome.

But if a like is from people that are being paid by a company to do it, then it feels like a gift from a family member you don't really like and who's buying your love. That just doesn't sit well.

Therefore we don't accept these offers and when we have time , will reply to not agree with this kind of actions.
The same is true for getting a link on various start pages where you find links to webshops that have nothing to do with the content of that page, but more with the profit policy of the owners.

There's nothing wrong with doing it that way, but we feel it is no longer about integrity.

That is why you won't find PasioOnline in the various start pages on the internet. If you *DO* want to support us, please send us an email and tell us what type of products you miss in our shop and how you'd like to see your shopping experience improved.

Kind regards,


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