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Jarrow Formulas Organic Brown Rice Protein Concentrate Vanilla: this finely milled protein concentrate is naturally processed from sprouted non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) brown rice to be easily digestible and to mix well in beverages. It uses both the rice bran and the germ to provide a complete amino acid profile making it a high quality protein source with a score of over 100% for almost all amino acids.

who can benefit from Organic Brown Rice Protein?
This vegetarian/vegan product is a great alternative to soy and animal products as a source of complete protein. Brown rice protein is also naturally hypoallergenic for those who have sensitivities to milk, wheat or soy products.

Brown Rice Protein Concentrate, is made using an all natural process that does not involve the use of chemical solvents.

One serving of Brown Rice Protein provides 12 grams of rice protein.
Organic Brown Rice Protein
: when utilizing the protein from both the bran and the germ, brown rice possesses a complete amino acid profile. This includes lysine and methionine, which are important essential amino acids often lacking in vegetable source proteins.

key benefits
• a high-protein alternative to soy and animal products
• ideal for those sensitive to wheat, soy or dairy protein
• blend powder with liquid, ice and fruits for smoothies
• non GMO protein source
• no added sugar, artificial flavors or sweeteners
• naturally hypoalergenic & gluten free
• complete amino acid profile

background reading
Jarrow Formulas Brown Rice Proteinhas a number of advantages to offer as a protein supplement. First, unlike whey and soy proteins, rice protein tends to be easier to digest. It is also a vegan protein source, and so acceptable to any type of vegetarian. Furthermore, rice protein is infinitely suitable for people on gluten free diets since it contains no gluten. In short, it is an excellent high-protein alternative to milk-, wheat-, and soy-based proteins, or any other type of protein for that matter.

Rice: a protein source?
Although many people may be used to thinking of rice as a carbohydrate, it is an excellent source of protein as well. It is even possible to separate the rice protein from the carbohydrate fraction. Jarrow Formulas’ Brown Rice Protein is extracted using an all natural process that does not use chemical solvents. The process involves brown rice being treated with enzymes that separate the carbs from the proteins. These enzymes are considered vegan and the processing of rice in this manner is considered a “raw food” technique. The rice proteins are then milled into a powder.

Plain, unflavored rice protein powder has a neutral, slightly sweet flavor that many find superior to soy. However, when mixed into liquid it typically has a “gritty” mouthfeel that some find objectionable. This is not a problem with Jarrow Formulas’ Brown Rice Protein, for which a special milling process is utilized to produce an ultra smooth texture that mixes better and is less gritty than traditional rice protein preparations.

Why brown rice?
Some individuals may have concern about the nutritional value of rice protein since it is not ordinarily a complete protein. However, Jarrow Formulas’ Brown Rice Protein utilizes the protein from both the bran and the germ of the rice grain, collectively providing a complete amino acid profi le. This includes lysine and methionine, which are important essential amino acids often lacking in vegetable source proteins and white rice. Jarrow Formulas’ Brown Rice Protein is specially processed to allow protein quality scores exceeding 100% for almost all the amino acids in the product. In addition, research shows that rice protein is highly digestible.

Brown rice protein safety
Research has demonstrated that brown rice protein is extremely safe, and lacking in acute toxicity. While there are isolated cases of allergy to raw rice, in general it is considered non allergenic, or hypoallergenic. Furthermore, Jarrow Formulas Brown Rice Protein comes from a non-GMO rice source.

A genetically modified organism (GMO) is an organism whose genes have been altered through genetic engineering, typically referred to as recombinant DNA technology. There is controversy over the negative ramifications of creating a GMO, particularly a genetically modified food. The controversy includes concerns that:
1) GMO is meddling with biological states or processes that have naturally evolved over long periods of time,
2) modern science does not fully comprehend all of the potential negative ramifications of genetic manipulation,
3) conventionally bred crop plants can be cross-pollinated (bred) from the pollen of modified plants, and
4) there could be unforeseen local and global effects caused by transgenic organisms proliferating.
While these issues are sorted out, concerned customers will be pleased to know that Jarrow Formulas Brown Rice Protein utilizes non-GMO rice.

Additional benefits
In one study conducted by the Arkansas Children’s Nutrition Center, weanling rats fed mostly rice protein diets were more likely to demonstrate greater sensitivity to insulin, which promotes blood sugar and overall metabolic health. The researchers concluded that there may be benefit to deriving some protein from vegetarian sources, such as rice protein, in addition to that from meat, dairy and eggs.

In another animal study, the feeding of rice protein led to healthy arteries, suggesting value for promoting cardiovascular function.

Jarrow Formulas’ Brown Rice Protein, made from whole grain brown rice, is easily digested, gluten-free, hypoallergenic, and a vegetarian/vegan source of protein. It is specially processed to provide a complete amino acid profile with protein quality scores that exceed 100% for almost all of the amino acids in the product. Jarrow Formulas’ Brown Rice Protein is made using an all natural process that does not use chemical solvents. A special milling step produces an ultra smooth texture that mixes easier and is less gritty than traditional rice protein preparations.

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  • discontinued

Why can resistant starch improve your blood sugar balance?

Among the most popular good intentions we have before the new year starts is to improve health and lose weight.
Sadly, for many of us, those good intentions fall by the wayside within as little as 1 or 2 weeks. The main reason for failing on any given diet is that it tends to be a too drastic change in how we tend to eat.
Which for most of us, tends to be a moderate to high-carb diet, which for most Dutch people tends to revolve around bread and potatoes. That will make it very hard if you want to make a switch to a low-carb diet as is the norm these days.

However, I've got good news for you! You may not need to give up on all of your carbs. Instead, you can try to switch from carbs that have a negative impact on your blood sugar balance, towards slow-acting carbs also known as ... resistant starch.
Even when you are quite happy about eating a (very) low-carb diet, there are still ways to increase the amount of resistant starch in your diet, without drastically increasing the amount of calories and 'net carbs'.

Therefore the article below will tell you everything about resistant starch you need to know.

How much protein do we really need?

A short while ago, we received an urgent message from Jarrow Formulas with an apology on how they erroneously had created a faulty label their bone broths. Upon questioning what was wrong, it was stated how the % of Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) for the protein content was not correct. 
For the moment, there will be only information stating how many grams of protein a portion contains, but not what % of the RDI this amounts to.
To be honest, this entire communication almost made me burst out laughing if it hadn't been such a serious subject. 
If anything, most people who are serious about their health, consider the RDI to be woefully inadequate for most micro- and macronutrients and don't lead their lives following these to a T. 
If you have spent time reading articles related to fitness, you will know how recommendations for protein intake are generally at least twice as high as what 'normal' people eat as well as how it is not recommended to go by percentages for protein intake. 
Yet at the same time, we notice how the importance of protein intake is being downplayed, even more  so when it involves animal protein. 
Which is why I've set myself to the task of finding out what serious implications a shortage of protein intake may have on our health and how much protein we actually need for optimal health and muscle growth. 

How to prepare for a quarantine such as COVID-19

Like most of you, we have been following the news on the COVID-19 virus pandemic closely since early January.
With a rapid increase of both infections and people who have been in contact with infected persons, the amount of people who need to go into quarantine, rapidly increases too. Never mind how the entire population in Italy is forced to stay inside with more countries to follow soon.

With ever stricter rules in place, people suddenly realized they are not prepared for events like this, and started buying goods left and right without much of a plan.
Like most of you, I have also not given this much thought, so it stands to reason to go take a look in the USA where 'prepping' for disasters is popular, and rightly so because of the more dramatic weather conditions. Because people in North America generally live much further away from supermarkets and do not always have access to good tap water and electricity power may go off for longer periods of time,most advice given is superfluous for our society where power outages are rare and tap water reliable.
Hence that part of the advice was omitted in the article below.

What is quarantine?

The main rule of quarantine is: "nobody comes in and nobody goes out". If you are in quarantine, you are distancing yourself from people aside from the ones in quarantine with you, like your family or roommates. The reason for this is to stop the spread of an illness or possible illness.

How to love your body?

With all these standards for beauty, it’s easy to plummet into a spiral of body-hating. Don’t succumb to the pressure! Love your body, no matter what!
Body shaming is, sadly, a trend these days. You have songs that hate on the skinny girls because “real women have curves.” Then you have songs about shaming people who don’t happen to have the body type of a Victoria’s Secret model. We all know that no one is perfect, but there are still some people who insist on telling people how they should look, how they should act, what size they should be, what their hair color should look like.

Everyone has the right to love their own body. Whether you’re skinny, fat, tall, short, missing a limb, dark-skinned, pale-skinned, what have you, every single body in the world deserves to be loved. It’s just a shame that so many people insist on hating on their bodies, simply because they don’t conform to the unrealistic standards set by society.

Why should I care about meal frequency?

Why should I care about eating several times a day? A straight answer is, because it works!
It works if you wish to burn fat and maintain a good muscular attractive physique when you are over 40. Back in 2009 I was pretty darn fit and strong and in the best shape of my life while eating small meals five to six times a day and working out right after work around 7pm.

Recipes with protein powder

Most of you will know how important protein is for building or maintaining lean body mass when dieting down or suffering from a chronic disease.

Most fitness enthousiasts buy protein powder to add extra protein to their diet without needing a lot of extra time or effort. Put in a shaker cup, add water, shake, and you have a portable drink to revitalize your muscles and energy. Or add it to a blender with milk, fruit, greens, nut butter, or other fun ingredients and it's an anytime snack or meal replacement.

recommended use
take 1 scoop and mix it with 250 ml of liquid (water or acidic fruit juice) and drink it at breakfast or as directed by a qualified physician.

Do not take this product just to lose weight but rather as alternative protein source when you are allergic to cow's milk or soy protein.

contains per daily serving (17 gram)/100 gram
energy 60 kcal / 353kcal
protein 12 gram /71gram
carbohydrates 3 gram / 17,5 gram
- dietary fiber 1 gram / 5,9 gram
- sugars 0 gram
fat 0 gram
sodium 10 mg / 59mg
potassium 0mg
calcium 40mg (4% RDI) / 235mg
iron 2,2mg (12% RDI) / 12,9mg

RDI = Recommended Daily Intake

vanilla: Non-GMO brown rice protein, ultrasmooth gum-colloid and natural vanilla flavor

keep dry and closed at normal room temperature between 15 - 22°C.
keep out of reach of young children

allergy information
contains no familiar allergens (wheat, gluten, soy, lupin, nuts/tree nuts, celery, mustard, sesame seeds, dairy, egg, fish/shellfish or mollusks)

suitable for vegetarians and vegans

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