NattoMax 90 capsules - nattokinase | Jarrow Formulas

NattoMax 90 caps - nattokinase | Jarrow Formulas

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Jarrow Formulas NattoMax 90 capsules met nattokinase draagt bij aan de heling van bindweefsel, het vergroten van botdichtheid, het afbreken van bloedstolsels en sterkt het hart en bloedvaten.

NattoMax bevat een een gefermenteerd extract genaamd Nattokinase. Nattokinase ontstaat uit de fermentatie van sojabonen en een goedaardige melkzuurbactierstam genaamd Bacillus subtilus natto.

Nattokinase is een fibrinolytisch enzym, die een gezonde doorbloeding bevordert vanwege haar effecten op de vertering van fibrine (bloedklonters). Nattokinase heeft dit gunstige effect op de doorbloeding omdat het helpt bloedklonters sneller op te lossen en dit is ook de reden waarom de sterkte van nattokinase wordt uitgedrukt in fibrinolytische eenheden (FU).
Daarnaast kan nattokinase ook een bloeddrukverlagend effect hebben omdat het sterke invloed heeft op enzymen, die een belangrijke rol spelen bij de tot stand koming van de bloeddruk, zoals renine en acetycholine-esterase.

Er zijn steeds meer humane studies, die aantonen dat nattokinase zorgt voor een gezonde fibrine-spiegel, soepele bloedvaten, een gezonde bloeddruk en een normale samenklontering van bloedcellen evenals heling van bindweefsel en de botdichtheid helpt te vergroten.

wie heeft baat bij NattoMax?
Het gebruik van spierversterkende middelen, middelen die de aanmaak van rode bloedcellen bevorderen, middelen die topsporters gebruiken om sneller te herstellen brengen allemaal risico's met zich mee. NattoMax kan worden gezien als een stukje preventie, een verzekering dat je niet de hoofdprijs betaalt voor gebruik van deze middelen.
Japanners eten gefermenteerde sojabonen als onderdeel van hun dagelijks ontbijt.
Consumenten in West Europa kunnen een graantje meepikken van die gezonde Japanse leefstijl door een eenvoudig supplement als dit dagelijks in te nemen.

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The question is, how? Over time, manufacturers of junkfood have mastered the game of tricking us into buying calorific foods while these foods are also attractive because we have evolved to enjoy that kind of foods. 
Aside from financial incentives to make us buy less junkfood (sugar tax) and more healthy foods (by lowering VAT) the best bet seems to be a mix of methods that 'nudge' us into making better choices.
There have been countless behavioural science-based initiatives intended to nudge healthier eating. But which ones actually work, leading to a sustained behaviour change? And of those, which are most effective? What concepts, tools and styles of intervention are best at getting us to eat healthy foods, or less of the unhealthy foods...?

Heart disease: what are the differences between men and women?

Past week there was attention for new documentary called "De slag om het vrouwenhart", made by Hella de Jong, in which she relates about her quest for heart health. She suspected health problems, but wasn't sure why. After having been told her problems were psychosomatic, caused by her parents' traumatic WWII experiences, she wasn't satisfied and kept pushing for more research. Finally she got a massive heart attack while perfoming a stress test in the hospital.

This interview sent me on an immediate flashback to 1985, when my mom felt ill enough to visit the hopital after what was probably a minor heart attack. Her complaints weren't taken very seriously, yet they admitted her to hospital, though without being tied to a heart monitor. It was here she died that same day in the presence of my brother. When listening to Hella's story it seems there hasn't changed much in 35 years.

For a very long time, women were not taken into consideration when research was conducted on heart diseasae. Nor were they taken seriously when they went to their doctors with health complaints. Yet, among women, heart disease has also become the leading cause of death.

Determining heart disease risk in women

Women and men share many heart disease risk factors, but recent studies are showing what previous male-focused studies have not shown: Women also have their own unique heart disease risk factors.

Traditional risk factors common to both women and men:

  • obesity
  • smoking
  • diabetes
  • high blood pressure
  • family history
  • metabolic syndrome – the co-existence of high blood pressure, obesity, and high glucose and triglyceride levels
  • high levels of C-reactive protein – a sign of inflammatory disease that can occur along with other cardiovascular risk factors

Some risk factors that relate specifically to women or that can affect women disproportionately include:

  • relatively high testosterone levels prior to menopause
  • increasing hypertension during menopause
  • autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis – more common in women than in men
  • stress and depression are more common among women
  • low risk factor awareness: lack of recognition of many of the above conditions as risk factors for heart disease is a risk factor in itself

Health from a pineapple: combat inflammation with bromelain

Pineapples are one of the most well-loved tropical fruits around the world. But if you're a constant surfer of the web, you've probably come across an article or two saying that pineapples "eat you right back." And the culprit? It's none other than enzyme bromelain.

Aside from its popularity because of this viral information, bromelain has managed to penetrate the medical world because of the impressive health benefits it offers. If you're interested or curious on why bromelain is now getting unvaried attention, continue reading and know more about this pineapple product.

Why is natto a superfood?

When you think of Japanese cuisine, fresh, delicate flavours and intricately presented sushi food come to mind. Amidst all this loveliness, gooey, sticky and stinky fermented soybeans seem somewhat out of place.
Called natto, this stinky dish is lesser known in Europe, but some Japanese (sushi) restaurants offer it as part of their menu and some Asian supermarkets stock it as well.

Natto has a long history as a super food. This little-known Eastern health secret has been a staple in the Japanese diet for more than 1,000 years.
Nutritionally, natto does have a lot to offer. A serving provides the same amount of protein as a similar amount of beef, but with fewer calories.

Natto is a fermented soy food with a distinctive, powerful smell that has been described as similar in pungency to fermented ripe cheese. Or worse, like foot odour mixed with paint thinner.
While some love the taste and will eat it on its own, it's often served with condiments such as sliced green onions, wasabi or pickled ginger.
As a dish it often comes wrapped in rice and seaweed. In Japan, many eat natto at breakfast with rice and, sometimes, with mustard, soy sauce, broth, vegetables or a raw egg.

Natto is a food that divides Japan: half of the Japanese population hates it while the other half likes it.
Natto may not sound that appealing if you aren't a fan of funky flavours, but the growing body of research supporting its health benefits certainly is.

aanbevolen gebruik
neem 1 capsule per dag in bij een maaltijd of zoals aanbevolen door apotheker, arts of anders gekwalificeerde medisch hulpverlener

bevat per dagdosering (1 capsule)
natto-extract (nattokinase) 100 mg†

† = Aanbevolen Dagelijkse Hoeveelheid niet vastgesteld

werkzame stof (natto-extract met nattokinase), vulmiddel (cellulose, onverteerbaar dextrine, plantaardig magnesiumstearaat), capsule (hydroxypropylmethylcellulose)

koel, droog en afgesloten bewaren bij normale kamertemperatuur
buiten bereik van jonge kinderen houden

bijwerkingen en contra-indicaties
niet nemen in combinatie met anti-stollingsmedicatie (warfarin, sintrom) of als men ernstig risico loopt op bloedingen

allergenen informatie
nattokinase is afkomstig van gefermenteerde sojabonen
bevat geen andere bekende allergenen (tarwe, gluten, lupine, pinda's , noten, selderij, mosterd, sesam, koemelk, ei, vis, schaal-, schelp- of weekdieren)

geschikt voor vegetariërs en veganisten

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