MorEPA Move 60 softgels - high-EPA formula with curcumin phytosome | Minami Nutrition

MorEPA Move 60 softgels - high-EPA formula with added curcumin | Minami Nutrition

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brand ingredient:Meriva®
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Minami MorEPA Move is a complete supplement with omega-3 fatty acids of superior quality and well absorbed form of curcumin (extract from Curcuma longa), with added vitamin C.
Using MorEPA Move will support the maintenance of flexible joints and healthy cartilage. Curcumine supports the flexibility of joints by influencing the production of specific enzymes, cytokines and other signaling molecules which play an important role in a healthy immune response.
Furthermore curcumin has antixodant properties, which is how it protects biological structures against free radicals.
Curcumin even positively influences the maintenance of healthy bone structure.
Vitamin C is needed as a co-enzyme for three different enzymes that are involved in the synthesis of collagen (the most frequent building block in the human body) . Normal collagen synthesis is therefore vital for healthy bones and cartilage function.  

Well absorbed curcumin
Curcumin which carries the brand name Meriva®, which is used in this product, is 29 times better absorbed than regular curcumin. This is a natural complex of curcuminoids consisting of 75% curcumin, 15% demethoxycurcumin and 10% bisdemethoxycurcumin. The improved absorption is caused by using patented Phytosome®- technology from the Italian producer Indena. The name Phytosome is derived from the Greek word phuton (plant) and soma (body). During the patented productioin process the natural clumping of spedcific poorly absorbed phytonutrients (such as curcumin) is limited and mixed with phospholipids (phosfatidylcholine) from lecithin. The active ingredients are not encapsulated (like in liposomes), but mixed so tiny well absorbed particles (phytosomes) are created. Because of the phospholipids phytosomes are very well absorbed. This is because cell membranes (such as the cells in the gut lining) consists of a phospholipid bilayer as well, allowing these phytosomes to cross the gut barrier very easily upon which the active ingredients can be released in the blood stream.

Triglycerides improve absorption even more
MorEPA Move contains omega-3 fatty acids in the form of re-esterified triglycerids (rTG). When the absorption of EPA and DHA as a triglyceride was compared with ethylesters (a very common form of EPA and DHA in fish oil supplements), triglycerides proved to be superior.

Health claims

  • EPA and DHA support a healthy heart function with a dosage of at least 250mg EPA/DHA
  • curcumin helps maintain flexible joints
  • curcumin helps maintain strong bones 
  • curcumin supports a healthy immune system
  • curcumin has antioxidant properties 
  • vitamin C plays an important role in healthy collagen synthesis for normal function of cartilage and bones
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  • Meriva®
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Aug 2023
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  • animal-derived
  • gelatin
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  • a dietary supplement is not a subsitute for a healthy diet ; do not exceed recommended dose
  • if you have a medical condition, are pregnant, lactating or trying to conceive, are under age of 18, or are taking medications, consult your health care practitioner before using this product.
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Nutritional deficiencies can be a main cause of depression during and after pregnancy

For expecting moms, a pregnancy is or at least is supposed to be the happiest period in their life.
Yet, for quite a few of them, that isn't the case. By now we've acknowledged that especially postpartum depression is a real phenomenon.
But pregnancies themselves can also be very tough on women: morning sickness, bloated legs, heartburn, aches and pains are very common phenomoenons. Anywhere from 14-25% of pregnant women experience some form of pregnancy depression: a sustained feeling of moodiness or blah, from loss of joy to high anxiety and frank sadness.
While the reason for pregnancy depression can be hormonal or psychological, it is wortwhile to look at possible nutritional deficiencies from having to feed a living being inside your body, which would make anyone feel depressed, pregnant or not. 

recommended use
take 2 softgels a day with a fat-rich meal or as directed by your qualified health care consultant.

contains per daily serving (2 softgels)
fish oil concentrate 1400mg †
omega 3 oil 1281mg †
- EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) 889mg †
- DHA (docosahexanoic acid) 273mg †
vitamin C (ascorbic acid) 120mg 150%RDI
Meriva® Curcumine phytosome  500mg †
- curcumin-extract from Curcuma longa and phosphatidylcholine complex

† = Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) not established

active ingredient (fish oil concentrate from sardines, anchovy and mackerel, curcumin extract in phosphatidylcholine complex (from soy), ascorbic acid), softgel capsule (fish gelatin), filler (glycerol), stabiliser (sunflower lecithin, beeswax), natural orange flavour, anti-oxidant (Miradoxan with a mix of rosemary extract and tocopherols), colour (iron oxide)

store in a cool, dry place
keep out of reach of young children

If you have a medical condition (especially seafood allergies or coagulopathy), are taking medications (especially anticoagulants), or facing surgery, consult your health care practitioner before using this product.
Do not use when pregnant or breastfeeding. Nor when you suffer from bile duct blockage. 

allergy information
contains fish and traces of soy
contains no other familiar allergens (wheat, gluten, lupin, nuts/tree nuts, celery, mustard, sesame seeds, dairy, egg, shellfish or mollusks)

contains fish

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