KickSpeed Energy 60 capsules - guarana, caffeine, taurine and vitamins | Best Body

KickSpeed Energy 60 capsules - guarana, caffeine, taurine and vitamins | Best Body

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Best Body Nutrition's Kick Speed Energy for the ultimate kick.

Each capsule provides a mix of guarana, caffeine, and taurine extract. 

Caffeine is the main active ingredient, for example, in coffee. However, it also occurs in more than 60 plants such as coffee trees, tea bushes or kola nut.
Guarana extract is made from the red fruits of the South American vine plant. They contain 4 - 8 % of caffeine. The special thing about it is that the caffeine in guarana is bound to tannins. So the caffeine has a time released effect.
Taurine is an amino sulfonic acids. It is the degradation product of the amino acids cysteine and methionine. The human body can produce taurine itself. In addition, the body get it through food. Especially meat, fish and milk products contain taurine. In the body, taurine is in many tissue types. There it demonstrably fulfils a variety of processes. As a component of the bile acids, taurine is involved in the digestion of fat. Also in the development of the central nervous system and the heart taurine has a part. Taurine can cross the blood-brain barrier, it influence also the signal transmission in the brain cells. Partly this is done by a purely physical effect and by pharmacologically-receptor mediated effect.
The added vitamins B6 and in Kick Speed provide the extra kick. Vitamins are essential nutrients. The body cannot develop them by itself, meaning they have to supplied through food or supplements. For example vitamin B6 and, B12 contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue and contribute to a normal energy metabolism and immune system.

Kick Speed recommends a maximum of 2 capsules per day. The Kick Speed Caps are ideal for sport and outdoor activities to support your body with the extra kick.

Besides athletes the Kick Speed Caps are also an option for all those who need an extra kick in certain situations! For example these include students during an examination period, office workers after lunch, car drivers, waiter during the night shift and night owls. Kick Speed is available in an 60 capsules can.

effects and benefits
• the ultimate kick before training
• additional vitamin complex
• contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue

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Forget about exercising to lose weight: you can't outrun a bad diet! 

A few days ago, an article showed up in my newsfood about a remarkable result of research done on the Hadza tribe in Tanzania, which still leads a traditional hunter-gatherer lifestyle. 
Despite walking an average of a multiple of ten thousands of steps every day, they barely need more calories than the average couch potato in a Western country. 
That same day I discussed with an old friend who had read the same news story. He told me how he had trained for a marathon in the past, but barely dropped any weight while doing so. Only when he spent a week on liquid foods at a spa, he succeeded in losing weight which he mostly thanks to the relaxed environment. Otherwise it was next to impossible. Apparently his body really clung to its precious body fat! 
But how was this possible? We didn't really know though we had our suspicions. I I could tell much about the same story. Yes, I'd drop weight pretty fast in the first few weeks of the cycling season or on a longer cycling holiday, but would get stuck at my regular (still too heavy) summer weight while I wasn't really inhaling tons of food. Except then for the Route des Cent Cols during which I could barely eat enough to stay fit and sleep well for all those mountains. 
Let's find out more about this particular research!
When Herman Pontzer set off for the rugged savannah of Tanzania to spend a summer with the local Hadza people, he thought he knew what he would find. As an evolutionary biologist, his aim was to measure how the Hadza’s hunter-gatherer lifestyle causes them to burn more energy. Because we all know the more exercise you do, the more calories you burn and the slimmer you become, right? Well no, not exactly.
Don’t expect any meaningful weight change in the long term from exercise alone.”
What Pontzer and his fellow researchers discovered flew in the face of received wisdom about how our metabolism works. Although the Hadza lead far more active lives than ours – routinely walking long distances, they undertake more physical activity daily than the typical American does in a week – their energy expenditure was no greater. They were burning the same number of calories as men and women from industrialised populations. Our bodies, concluded Pontzer, seem to maintain daily energy expenditure within a narrow window, no matter what lifestyle we lead. While obesity is largely caused by overconsumption, it appears there’s little we can do to change the calories we burn.

Set point and holiday weight gain

At the time of writing this article the first week of advent has almost finished. In this week most people will have started decorating their homes for the holiday season that is upon us.
Though for most this period may not be as festive as it normally is, since it is not allowed to organize large gatherings because of COVID-19, we can still try to make the most of it and indulge in the small pleasures of life. 
Quite a lot of people that are trying to become fit and trim worry about the holiday season and what damage it will do to their progress: how can they avoid weight gain during those days? 
We can reassure the worryworts: you will be fine to indulge on those special days. With emphasis on 'special' days as nothing spectacular will happen when you eat normal on the other days. The bigger problem is when you spread out those days over an extended period of say two to three weeks. 
But even with a longer period of dietary negligence, most people notice it is surprisingly easy to get rid of the extra holiday weight, due to a wonderful (and scary) phenomenon called 'set point'. 

Leptin, leptin resistance and SIRT1

After demand for resveratrol and pterostilbene went up considerably, due to a remark on tv by a doctor about its' effect on leptin and cardiovascular function, we got a lot of requests to explain how leptin works. 

Currently, a major topic in the field of obesity research is the link between obesity and the hormone leptin. Some evidence suggests that obese-prone individuals don’t respond to increasing leptin levels in the same way that non-obese-prone individuals do, which is the reason obesity is now being associated with possible “leptin resistance.” Scientists first discovered leptin in 1994, after years of research focused on hormones that affect body weight and calorie intake. While initially researchers believed the discovery could be used to create powerful weight loss supplements, this has never happened.

How does leptin function in the body and where does the hormone come from? Leptin interacts with areas of the brain that control hunger and eating behavior. The nickname “the starvation hormone” has been given to leptin because levels tend to plummet when someone restricts their calorie intake too much, exercises more and loses body fat. These are all factors involved in what’s called “starvation mode.”
Meanwhile, ghrelin is called a “hunger hormone” that increases your desire to eat.

At your ideal “set point weight,” fat cells produce a given amount of leptin, which maintains the internal energy balance needed for necessary cellular function and proper weight management. In most healthy adults, changes in body weight will trigger changes in leptin, causing appetite to either increase when body fat falls or decrease when body fat rises — although in some susceptible individuals this energy-balance system seems to malfunction.

There’s still a lot to learn about how leptin resistance or decreased sensitivity to leptin’s signals develops, and what can be done to prevent or reverse it. Many experts believe that eating a highly processed diet — especially while also leading a stressful and mostly sedentary lifestyle — is the perfect storm for developing leptin resistance.

Even if someone is genetically susceptible to weight gain or obesity, there’s still a lot they can do to help prevent this from happening, especially eating a nutrient-dense diet, getting enough exercise and taking steps to manage stress.

Exercise or diet, what's better for weight loss?

Especially in January, we are asked whether it is better to lose weight by exercise or by diet.
The response I mostly give is that diet is the more efficient method but makes you grumpy and if you overdo it, will lose muscle, while exercise can make you happy, fit and strong.
A few years ago the discovery how in general, exercise doesn't make you lose weight made headlines.
In my former life as a long-distance cyclist I'd have shaken my head in disbelief.. after all, every single spring, fat would almost literally melt away once the cycling season started.

Anyhow, as counterintuitive as it seems to mile-eating cardio-junkies, exercising more is not the best solution to weight loss mostly because the weight piles on off-season.
True enough , once the season was over, the fat would pile on equally fast. Why?
Quite simply, unlike many of my cycling buddies who were also passionate about (marathon) skating, I didn't practice any other sport. Some others refused to skate indoor and only wanted to skate on natural ice, which has become a rarity in the the past 30 years!
Of course I knew exercise burns calories, but somehow it is very difficult to adjust to diet upwards or downwards as appetite lags behind so much!

recommended use
take one capsule before a training session

contains per portion (2 capsules)
energy 4,8 kcal
fat <0,1g
- of which staturated fats <0,1g
carbohydrates 0,5g
- of which sugar <0,1g
protein 0,4g
salt <0,01g
vitamin B6 1,28mg (86% RDI)
vitamin B12 0,75µg (30%RDI)
taurine 260mg
guarana extract 660 mg
- of which caffeine 66 mg
added caffein 100mg
caffein total 166mg

RDI = Recommended Daily Intake

active ingredients (guarana extract, taurine, caffeine, pyridoxine hydrochloride, cyanocobalamin), fillers (magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide), capsule (gelatine), colourants (E171, E 172, E104, E131)

Contains caffeine (83mg/cap). Not suitable for children, adolescents, pregnant or breast-feeding women and caffeine sensible persons.
In case of consumption of larger quantities of caffeine in association with sports and alcohol consumption, undesirable side effect can be experienced.
A varied, balanced nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are important for health.

store in a cool, dry place
after opening, use within 3 monthbs
keep out of reach of young children

allergy information
contains lactose
may contain traces of soy, gluten and egg protein

contains gelatin and lactose

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