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The slogan of Jarrow has for years Superior Nutrition and Formulation® produces and as the slogan implies superior quality nutritional supplements. Jarrow Formulas has a complete line of nutritional supplements, including vitamins, minerals, probiotics, standardized herbal extracts, amino acids, enzymes and enteric-coated supplements.

Each brand has as its core products and in Jarrow that products containing patented innovative ingredients or with a patented technology is applied what to bijdraagd that the relevant active ingredient is absorbed most effectively by the body such as products with Sorb® technology such as Lycopene, Lutein, (Kaneqa®) CoQ10 ubiquinone and ubiquinol, MGC (Mitsubishi Gas Chemical) BioPQQ®, Vitmaine K2 (menaquinone), amino acid products with ingredients Glutamine Ajinomoto, Kyowa Hakko TryptoPure® (Arginine, Citrulline) Sigma tau (Carnitine) and the famous award-winning probiotics line with quality probiotic cultures of Lallemand in the Jarro Dophilus® line and special probiotic cultures to the vagina. Chr. Hansen A / S, Fem Dophilus®. Other products such as special Bone Up® and methyl B12 supplements in various strengths.

Consumers are choosing a product from Jarrow Formulas assured of choice for purity and a powerful force, in short, value for money.

The mission of Jarrow Formulas is to provide supplements of a high quality, which are affordable and yet have been produced using advanced techniques, which are based on the market solid scientific research. Jarrow Formulas is directly involved in clinical research and collaborates with researchers from universities, institutes and other academic institutions around the world. PasioOnline has been around since 2005 your address for Jarrow Formulas in Europe.

Jarrow is one of the few brands in the US who create everything in-house and this is the quality only benefit. The products are made by their own production company Jarrow Industries established Santa Fe Springs (jiimfg.com) a production facility where they work in accordance with recognized quality standards such as ISO and cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices).

These standards oversee the products mountains of raw materials, the purchase of raw materials, labeling, distribution of raw materials (ingredients) in finally from the final product.

Jarrow invests not only in quality but also in ansich staff training, audits of ingredient suppliers to ensure that only the finest ingredients. Jarrow gives full access to the data to the US authorities were, among others Consumerlabs.com laboratories and of course us as a retailer / distributor. Since the nineties Jarrow is also involved in clinical studies on the efficacy of ingredients and supplements at all.

Pasio has been a specialist in Jarrow Formulas since 1998, which means you can ask us any questions and we are able to answer them!