Immune Protective Factors 30 chews - colostrum with immunoglobulins, lactoferrin and Immuno-LP20 - discontinued

Immune Protective Factors 30 kauwtabletten - colostrum, lactoferrine en Immuno LP20  | Jarrow Formulas

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Discontinued, look at the separate products colostrum or lactoferrin

Jarrow Formulas Immune Protective Factors in a chewable tablet brings together three ingredients known for immune benefits: colostrum, lactoferrin and Immuno-LP20™. It supports the body’s immune defense system and gastrointestinal health.

Immuno-LP20™ is a clinically studied, heat-treated probiotic bacteria, L. plantarum, which is a type of lactic acid bacteria often used in fermented foods such as Sauerkraut and kimchi. 
The microbial cell fragments, such as polysaccharides and nucleic acids in L. plantarum cells, support healthy immune function.
Colostrum contains immune-modulating immunoglobulins and proline-rich polypeptides.. The colostrum is collected within 16 hours of calving from American, pasture-fed cows. The colostrum undergoes low-temperature processing along with testing to ensure that the different colostrum immunoglobulin fractions retain their biological activity and are not denatured.
Lactoferrin is a glycoprotein that supports immune function, improves iron utilization and promotes growth of beneficial bacteria.

background reading
ImmunePF™ (Protective Factors) is a chewable tablet that brings together three ingredients known for immune benefits: colostrum, lactoferrin and Immuno-LP20™.
Colostrum naturally contains immunemodulating components including immunoglobulins, lactoferrin, and proline-rich polypeptides.
Lactoferrin is an important glycoprotein that supports immune function, improves iron utilization, and acts as a prebiotic to promote growth of beneficial bacteria. ImmunoLP20™ is a preparation of heat-treated Lactobacillus plantarum, a species of lactic acid bacteria found in fermented foods. Microbial cell fragments, such as polysaccharide derivatives and nucleic acids found in many fermented foods, support healthy immune function.

Colostrum, the “First Milk,” contains important immune components
Newborn babies have weak, underdeveloped immune responses. They must rely upon a gift from their mothers during their first weeks of life for optimal immune function. Colostrum is a form of milk that is produced in the mammary glands of mammals prior to birth and shortly thereafter. It is a source of immunoglobulins (Ig), compounds that supply passive immunity to newborns as a part of their initial defense. Considerable evidence points to immunoglobulins as powerful immune enhancers. In fact, colostrum is so important to newborn calves that, if they do not receive it, most of these calves die within three months of birth

Colostrum immunoglobulins (Ig) consist of structurally related proteins, also called gammaglobulins, all of which act as antibodies (proteins produced by the body’s immune system when it detects harmful substances, which are called antigens). These components of the immune system include IgA, IgE, IgG, etc., each of which is itself a “family” of more closely related proteins. In the newborn, immunoglobulins supply “passive immunity,” meaning that the mother’s immune response to pathogens, a response developed from her own exposure, is made available to the baby through colostrum.

Colostrum provides at least two more benefits to the immune system: “transfer factor” and lactoferrin. Transfer factor (TF) refers to a form of RNA (ribonucleic acid) that “transfers” the coding for cell-mediated immunity, meaning the immunity that depends upon the T-cells (T-lymphocytes), as opposed to the immunity based on the B-cells, which produce antibodies. Whereas the B-cells are very short-lived, the T (thymus-derived) immune cells are involved in immune modulation that persists for months or even years. As such, colostrum stimulates cell-mediated immunity.

Lactoferrin, a component of colostrum, is an iron-binding protein that is activated by the inflammation response. It is found not only in milk, but also in the tears, saliva and mucosal secretions of mammals. Early investigators believed that lactoferrin acted primarily by binding iron. However, new research demonstrates that lactoferrin may cause natural killer cells and other neutrophils to be more active.

An especially interesting discovery is that lactoferrin becomes more active after it has been digested by pepsin and acid proteases in the stomach. The peptide lactoferricin B is liberated from the larger lactoferrin molecule. Lactoferricin B, like lactoferrin, plays a role in supporting the immune system. In vitro tests confirm lactoferrin’s exposure to digestion in the stomach possibly increases the potency of lactoferrin via the liberation of lactoferricin B. Significantly, the immune enhancement from lactoferrin does not affect the probiotic bacteria known as lactobacillus, but lactoferrin may promote the growth of bifidobacteria, which are found in the large intestine.

Immuno-LP20™ consists of heat-killed Lactobacillus plantarum isolated from fermented food. This species can be found in a large variety of fermented foods, such as sauerkraut, pickles and dairy products. It also is found in the oral cavity and in gastrointestinal tract. Its safety is well proven. Immuno-LP20 already is being used in Japan in health foods, including supplements, powdered drinks and other applications.

Immuno-LP20 supports components of the immune system. These include the interleukin known as IL-12. Interleukins are a group of cytokines (secreted proteins and signal molecules) that were first discovered as being expressed by white blood cells (leukocytes). They are instrumental in regulating immune responses. IL-12 is involved in the differentiation of naive T (Th0) cells into Th1 cells. IL- 12 further mediates enhancement of the cytotoxic activity (toxicity to cells) of natural killer (NK) cells and CDB+ cytotoxic T lymphocytes. Enhancement means greater ability to attack immune system targets. Clinical trials have demonstrated benefits in balancing components of the immune system (Th1/Th2 activity) and in supporting normal immune response to challenges

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  • discontinued

recommended use
Chew 1 tablet per day or as directed by your qualified healthcare professional.

contains per daily serving (1 chewable tablet)
colostrum 100mg †
- immunoglobulins (>35%) 175mg
lactoferrin 50mg †
Immuno-LP20™ 50mg †
(heat-treated Lactobacillus plantarum L-137)

† = Recommended Daily Intake not established

active ingredient (colostrum from milk, lactoferrin and Immuno LP20 from heat-treated Lactobacillus plantarum), filler (mannitol, tapioca starch), flavour (natural pineapple flavor), filler (dextrin), anticoagulant (silicon dioxide), filler (magnesium stearate from vegetable source)

keep dry and closed at normal room temperature between 15 - 22°C
keep out of reach of young children

none reported

allergy information
contains milk (whey)
contains no other familiar allergens (wheat, gluten, soy, lupin, nuts/tree nuts, celery, mustard, sesame seeds, egg, fish/shellfish or mollusks)

contains milk

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