How to get in enough fluids and not feel embarassed about finding a toilet

How to get in enough fluids and not feel embarassed 

Whomever is interested in health and fitness will have been told countless times to drink enough fluids to stay healthy!
What they never tell you, is how to combine drinking plenty fluids with being out and about on the road or stuck in a place where you aren't allowed to take potty breaks! Yikes!

I can't even begin to tell you the amount of times when I was cycling some event and needing to pee so badly, but not find a bush to hide behind. Or, when I did see one, already have gone past it, and of course you never ever turn around, but pedal onwards.
Oh, how I envied my shameless male companions, who simply could get off at a tree and empty their bladder.
But even men encounter a problem when it comes to what is called, doing a 'number 2'.

Over time, I've learnt to become unashamed too, not so much by peeing in plain sight, but by simply asking the owners of whatever house that looks semi-inviting. Too bad that frequently people wouldn't be at home, so precious time is lost here. It worked much better to stop at pubs or restaurants and take a short break for food or a beverage.
On timed events you learn to to hold up until you arrive at organized rest stops where you are required to stop and get your card stamped anyway, upon which you can relax for a bit and load up on food and water.

It's not just those who are on the road or stuck in a place without good amenities who face problems: anyone who wakes up at night too frequently because they need to pee, will be hesitant to drink enough fluids.

So how do you solve that problem of getting in enough water and food while not being embarassed?

Timing is everything

It's actually quite simple: time your fluid intake!
While it may be optimal to drink equal amounts throughout the day, it's not how things work optimally.
No, you start your day with up to a litre of plain water once you've relieved yourself and a cup of hot coffee or tea right thereafter.

Taking in plenty of water first thing in the morning ensures optimal hydration while you're still near a rest room.
The caffein in the coffee or theine in tea will stimulate your metabolism and make your bowels move faster.
However, caffein or theine is not the only reason why that hot mug of coffee works like a charm: hot liquid will also cause vasodilation and get things moving. 
Provided you take your hot beverage at least half an hour before leaving the comfort of your house or office, you should be able to get a bowel movement on time.

For myself, I dropped the hot coffee and simply ingest a caffein tablet and eat a hot egg-based meal instead to get things moving. In the past few years I've embraced beans as a companion to provide extra fiber and protein. This is a habit I've happily resurrected from the past when travelling in Latin America.
Another great breakfast idea is to eat soup for breakfast, just like people do in China and Japan. Even those who aren't hungry in the morning will find it easier to eat soup and get in enough liquids and minerals and of course, make it easier to visit the bathroom early in the morning.

Once you are on the road or busy at work,there isn't so much time to take in liquids or food, especially not when you're a girl that needs to wear full make-up on her job. Some people don't even get enough time for lunch or frequent breaks.

Which leads us automatically to the next ideal moment to drink fluids again: later in the day when you are back home, you make up for whatever you missed out on in day-time. If you don't , you may end up dehydrated or worse, with a headache.
Don't hold back and maybe even force yourself to drink a litre of liquids. For those who've been active, soup will be an ideal hot beverage.

How to make yourself poop

If a cup of coffee or hot beverage won't give you an urge right away, it is best to still visit the rest room, bring yourself something to read and sit down for a while. Just by sitting on the toilet for a few minutes can bring on the urge to go, even if you don't feel like you have to right away.
Physical activity can bring on that urge as well, which is why morning walks, even when you don't have a dog are such a great idea. In case you don't want to leave your house, you can also try running up the stairs, or gentler yoga exercises.

How to drink enough water without peeing often

While coffee is such a great beverage in the morning, it is not such a great idea to keep drinking caffeinated beverages in daytime without toilets around.
Also, if you are picky about hygiene, don't drink alcohol on public events either as alcohol also has a diuretic effect.

Not drinking enough water in the early part of the day, will leave most people constipated.
Ironically, when constipated, most people feel the urge to pee more often because the rectum puts more pressure on the bladder.
The solution is to also ingest enough fiber in the morning. The fiber will solve both problems at once. Eating enough fiber prevents constipation, but the fiber will also retain water, so your bladder won't fill up so easily.

Kegel exercises are famous for helping you to control your bladder, but strengthening your back and core is also important, as both your back and abdominal muscles work together to help you hold in your urge to pee.
Pelvic exercises are especially helpful to help control how frequently you urinate.

We hope this article has given you a few ideas to solve the problem of staying hydrated yet not spend too much time searching for a toilet! 

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