With the arrival of a brand new webshop, new options have become available, among which buying a gift certificate at PasioOnline.com. You can buy a gift certificate for as little as €5 at any time you want without even going outside and risking a downpour.

You can spend as much on gift certificates as you want, but there is a limit of €100 to each gift certificate.

How does it work ? Click on Purchase gift certificate
Then upon finishing the form, you can pay using the secure payment environment.
You may choose to have your gift certificate sent by email to whomever you want to gift it or have it sent to yourself.

When the gift certificate is not used within a year, we will send a reminder to the recipient. The recipient can choose to either use it or give it back to you. In the last case, you will receive the amount back as reward points, that can be used for your next order.