Feeling exhausted?

by ir. Yvana van den Hork

You probably experienced restlessness coming out of the long winter period and were rearing to go out and about on your road bike or run on your favourite trail. However now you have taken up your favourite outdoor sports again, your energy levels aren't quite what they used to be. It is taking you longer and more hours of sleep to recuperate from a ride or run.
Perhaps you are deficient in vitamin D? But, no, you have taken adequate amounts of this 'sunshine' vitamin and yet you look paler than in winter. Paleness can be an indication your body is deficient in iron as it needs iron to increase the amount of blood cells for a higher aerobic capacity.
While few men need to be really vigilant about iron intake, it is still a concern when they sweat profusely as iron can also be lost in sweat.
By contrast a staggering 75% of adult women do not ingest adequate amounts of iron-rich foods to counterbalance iron-loss during menstruation phases especially not when combined with a vegetarian life-style. Supplementing with an iron-supplement can be a very simple and fast way to solve your iron deficiency.

IronSorb 60 caps - Iron Protein Succinylate (IPS) | Jarrow Formulas

Iron is an essential mineral that is crucial for the production of red blood cells needed to transport oxygen. While the best absorbed iron is present in animal protein, your diet or religion may not allow you to eat animal protein. Especially for those that also have an active lifestyle, supplementing with IronSorb is a good idea. Iron-Sorb contains a chelated iron complex that is gentle to the stomach and very popular among endurance athletes.