Declutter your life and feel liberated!

Declutter your life and feel liberated!

Have you ever looked around in your house upon coming home with a new purchase, to discover you can't find a suitable spot to put it away? Your new fancy mug can't be put up in the cupboard, because it is chockful of mugs and lovely tea cups already. Your new fancy dress can't be hung in the wardrobe as ther's no space left. Sounds familiar, huh?
While there is a world full of items to be bought, there is only so much space in your house or apartment to fill them with. Opportunities to buy are plentiful, yet at the same time, we have ever less space to live in, especially those living in the urban sprawl, where affordable housing is almost impossible to find. So much so, that some people have come up with very creative ways to be able to live in the Big City of their dreams, like simply living in a tiny appartment. Or, by contrast be able to live in the country-side without building an expensive house. By consequence, the space you're able to live in, will be a lot smaller than what your parents have been able to live in.

Most of us were raised in believing how buying more possessions equates with happiness and luxury, the current trend seems to be in the reverse direction. There is a growing number of people who insist living with less stuff will increase your happiness.
There are those that will want to live with less stuff because of wareness of the effects of over consumption on the environment, like the draining of resources and the Plastic Soup in the oceans that are literally killing thousands of animals living in and off the sea.
Others will want to reap financial benefits as having fewer items in your home means you spend less money as well as time needed buying and maintaining them. Time you can spend with your loved ones, pursueing a hobby or work as a volunteer.

Another very good reason for wanting to get rid of clutter is how it can make you feel stressed out.
Study upon study proves how cluttered homes and offices result in people having higher levels of stress hormones and are more likely to suffer from depression and fatigue. A messy home or workspace can make it feel like it’s impossible to relax, and it greatly interferes with creativity and productivity.
An untidy kitchen can even make you gain weight as people who have a cluttered kitchen will more easily feel too stressed out to cook properly and eat unhealthy foods instead.

Clutter can be divided in three different types. There are things that remind us of the past and help us remember loved ones, important milestones and other happy moments. 
Other items we hold onto are things we may need one day: that skinny pair of jeans that don't fit anymore , but hope you will fit back into one day. In that case, you may be living too much in an imagined life.
The third type of clutter should be easiest to get rid off is simple waste: last week's newspaper that didn't get read won't be read anytime soon, so make it a habit to throw it way within 3 days.
Wiser words weren't spoken as these: "Make sure to not have so much stuff to drag you back in the past or pull forward into the future, that you can't live in the present."

If you are someone who finds happiness in shopping,  think again.  Shopping will not bring you happiness and life satisfaction. As soon as you own it, you won't be satisfied with it anymore. Many times, accumulation of material goods is a symptom that you may be trying to fill a void in your life. A void which never can be filled by material things.
Stop trying to life meaning through the act of shopping and become a deliberate consumer. If an item is not going to have a useful purpose or bring you great joy, it will probably become clutter.

With so many advantages to having an uncluttered house or office, how to start?

Make it a habit to reserve a small part of the day for decluttering and tidying up. It is easier to do this every day rather than reserve a bigger chunk of time for serious 'deep cleaning' as the project may be too daunting and make you postpone it ... eternally.
It will also allow you to think about a useful destination for items, you may otherwise have thoughtlessly thrown away.

One of the biggest hurdles you will face in deciding whether to let go is to be rational about its usefulness.
Ask yourself if you would want to keep something by imagining how much effort you would want to go through to re-acquire it when you didn't have it anymore. This is a much better method to let go of things than imagining how much you are attached to it.
If you aren't sure whether you want to let go of something, take photographs (which is a necessity anyway if you intend on selling it on eBay/Marktplaats or the latest LetGo). Once it is sold, you can always look at it on that photograph. Another option, when that is feasible, is to keep a small part. Like keeping a sample of a perfume bottle that you sold or gave away.

One of the nicer aspects of decluttering is how someone's junk, is another person's treasure. Decluttering itself will undoubtedly costs a lot of time and energy, but once declutterd it will give a lot of energy back and mke you feel liberated to live in a clutter-free house. 
So, declutter your life, start tomorow or today already!
For inspiration, take a look at this documentary explaining minimalism
More practical tips can be found by simply googling 'declutter' and you will find countless articles with useful tips.

And who knows, once you are living a decluttered life, you might even want to move into a so-called 'tiny house'. 
Or if you want to feel truly liberated, move out of your house into a recreational vehicle.

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