D3 - cholecalciferol 5000ie 100 softgels - 125mcg | Jarrow Formulas

D3 - cholecalciferol 5000ie 100 softgels - 125mcg | Jarrow Formulas

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Jarrow Formulas Vitamin D3 5000iu (125mcg) met cholecalciferol is een vitamine D van dierlijke oorsprong. Vitamine D3 ondersteunt de schildklierwerking, heeft een gunstige invloed op de huidgezondheid en assisteert bij de vorming van pigment. Vitamine D3 helpt bij de aanmaak van botweefsel en maakt zachte botten weer hard en houdt organen gezond. Daarbij heeft deze vorm van vitamine D(3) een gunstige invloed op de prostaat.

wie heeft baat bij vitamine D3?
De Wereldgezondheidsorganisatie (WHO) beveelt aan om dagelijks 1000iu D3 binnen te krijgen (voeding of zonlicht) om gezond te blijven.
Mensen die er goed aan doen om extra vitamine D3 te supplementeren zijn vooral kantoorwerkers, mannen en vrouwen boven de 40, mensen met een donkere huid en mannen en vrouwen met een huidaandoening veroorzaakt door een vitamine D-tekort. Een optimaal gehalte aan vitamine D is van groot belang voor wie een mooie elastische huid wil hebben, een goedwerkende prostaat en gezonde en sterke botten.

Deze vetoplosbare vitamine is de preferente vorm van vitamine D: D3. D3 wordt in de nieren omgezet in het actieve hormoon calcitrol. Calcitriol (metaboliet van D3) vervult verschillende functies in het lichaam, het bevordert de opname van calcium en fosfor. Calcitriol bevordert de aanmaak van osteocalcin, een eiwit in botten dat de structuur van botten sterk maakt en houdt. Het bevordert een gezonde celdeling, verhoogd de weerstand (immuunsysteem) en heeft een directe invloed op het goed functioneren van darmen, spieren, hersenen en de elasticiteit van hart-en bloedvaten, het ondersteunt de werking van de schildklier en bevordert een goede stemming.

In het geval van de prostaat speelt calcitriol een essentiële rol bij de celdeling. Cellen kunnen zich goedaardig delen maar de deling en daarmee de groei van een klier als de prostaat is wel onwenselijk. Calcitrol zorgt bij de prostaat ervoor dat deze klier niet groeit maar zijn functie goed blijft uitvoeren.
Tot slot blijkt een lage vitamine D status samen te hangen met een lage testosteronspiegel en omgekeerd.
Jarrow Formulas Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) is afkomstig van kabeljauwleverolie en schapenwol en is eveneens vrij van vitamine A.

effecten van D3 (Cholecalciferol) op een rij
Dit supplement draagt op een veilige manier bij aan:
• een goede weerstand
• evenwichtige celdeling
• goed werkende prostaat
• goed werkende schildklier
• optimale testosteronspiegel

• zuivere vitamine D3 zonder toevoegingen

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Are white teeth healthy? Advantages and disadvantages of dental veneers

Over the past few weeks, people couldn't stop talking over how a couple of famous Dutch celebrities have undergone dental surgery procedures so they could flash a truly blinding white smile. For this to happen, dental surgeons file away part of the original teeth. Apparently this procedure is becoming ever more popular with the advent of social media like Instagram and YoutTube where these semi-celebs show off their health and wealth.

Yellow teeth are stronger!

Gone are the days we were happy with our natural yellowish teeth. It seems that everyone strives for bright white teeth. There are whitening agents in toothpastes which apparently don’t really do the trick, floss, mouthwash, strips, gels, and even chewing gum. Yellow teeth seem to get a bad reputation and are usually associated with poor oral hygiene. Fortunately, we have some good news for those who lack those pearly whites. Yellow teeth are actually stronger than bright white teeth!

But rest assured, yellow teeth are mostly stronger than white teeth.
The strongest teeth are natural, healthy ones and these teeth are not white. At least, not white like the colour of paper, or even the colour of piano keys. They are a couple of shades darker than that. The enamel itself is a blueish white colour, but it is also somewhat translucent so the yellow of the dentine beneath it shows through to make the overall colour of the teeth either light grey or light yellow.

Low-dose radiation therapy 

Last week I listened to a Dutch podcast, which in general discusses news and politics, but for once, talked about low-dose radiatian therapy as a way to treat COVID-19. This made me curious enough that I wanted to find out more about this particular treatment method.

Most of us know at least one person, whos's been treated with high-dose radiation order to get rid of a malignant tumor. It is less well known that low dosages can be used as well and is used in some countries to treat inflammation disorders such as arthritis.

In general, this is met with disbelief as the official point of view is "all radiation is harmful" .

Proof to the contrary

Yet, over 3000 scientific research papers show that low dose irradiation is stimulatory and/or beneficial in a wide variety of microbes, plants, invertebrates, and vertebrates.

Vitamin K and heart health

Experts are recommending that people do what they can to boost their immune systems to work on their immunity and strengthen their defense mechanisms to better combat infection and spread of this virus.
According to a recent study conducted in partnership with the Cardiovascular Research Institute Maastricht, foods rich in vitamin K have been helpful in the battle, and a deficiency may worsen the symptoms of COVID-19. 
This virus is known to cause degradation of elastic fibers in the lungs as well as blood clots, vitamin K has been shown to be helpful in the production of proteins that regulate clotting. As such experts have linked the consumption of foods that are rich in vitamin K to blood vessels, bones, and the lungs.

Zinc and HCQ

In the past few months, nearly everyone will have become familiar with the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and how it has been welcomed as a miracle drug, only to be set aside as being too dangerous to expose sick patients with underlying cardiovascular diseases to it.

Upon learning how HCQ is supposed to be used in this crisis, I was flabbergasted to read how HCQ was put to use by itself, as a drug on its own. True enough, HCQ is a malaria drug, but it was not just meant to be used as a curative medicin on its own for COVID-19 but as a messenger to transport the true miracle mineral, zinc into cells.
The now famous Zelenko protocol which uses HCQ , azithromycin and zinc as well as a number of other essential vitamins and minerals, was never meant to be used in hospital either, but for use by doctors on patients who had just fallen ill.

Now the researchers who discredited HCQ in the Lancet article have been debunked as having used fraudulous data in order to promote a much more expensive drug in which one of the authors had a vested interested, we think it is about time to explain a thing or two on why and how HCQ is used in combination with zinc.

How to prevent getting sick from the flu

You can prevent germs from making you ill in two ways: prevent entry into the body by careful hygiene, and if they do get in, make sure your body’s natural immune system is able to fight these germs, so they self-destruct before overwhelming the system.

Most flu germs are spread in two ways:

  • touching such as hand-to-hand contact
  • droplet spread when germs ride along on tiny water droplets that are sneezed or coughed into the air

Try these flu prevention tips to avoid person-to-person spread:
  • avoid shaking hands, but bow or give a head nod
  • avoid nose-picking as the nose is a breeding ground for germs
  • sneeze into a disposable handkerchief and if you don't have one available, sneeze inside your elbow
  • shun coughers and sneezers as much as possible.
  • avoid crowded rooms

Pigmentation spots : why do we get them when we age?

Do you sometimes look down onto your arms and notice they are covered with white spots that resemble freckles in reverse?
Especially when arms get tanned in summer, these white spots tend to stand out more than ever.
This led me to the idea to look up what can be a cause of this weird pigmentation.

Mine turns out to be one called idiopathic guttate hypomelanosis (IGH), in other words, an unexplained teardrop-shaped lack of pigmentation, which is apparently very common among most people of over 40 years , but may also happen at a younger age. These white spots appear on the shins, legs, arms, and other sun-exposed areas of the body like the face, neck, and shoulders.

Apparently the body experiences a gradual reduction of melanoyctes and skin cells no longer produce pigment, a similar process that causes the graying of hair. The condition is also increasingly being seen in both sexes and darker skinned individuals with a history of long-term sun exposure, which has lead scientists to believe that excessive sun exposure and sun damage is another cause of these white spots.
They are generally 1 to 3 mm in size and commonly show up on the legs before progressing to other parts of the body.
These white spots are not caused by trauma or infection, nor do they indicate an increased risk of skin cancer.
Hereditary factors may be involved because this skin problem seems to run in families.

IGH is not related to vitiligo, in which melanin-producing cells called melanocytes die or are unable to function properly and no longer form melanin.

Other common causes of skin discolorations are

aanbevolen gebruik
bij onderhoud 
neem 1 softgel per dag in bij een maaltijd met water of vruchtensap of zoals aanbevolen door apotheker, arts of anders gekwalificeerde medisch hulpverlener

bij griep
overleg met uw huisarts en of apotheker of u uw dosering zonodig wilt verhogen. 

bevat per dagdosering (1 softgel capsule)
Vitamine D3 (cholecalciferol, 125mcg) 5000 ie (630% ADH)†

ie = internationale eenheden
† de Aanbevolen Dagelijkse Hoeveelheid
Ter voorkoming van gebrek is 400iu/dag vastgesteld, de optimale dosering voor volwassenen ligt ergens tussen 1000 en 2500 ie/dag
Houd de ondergrens aan in de zomermaanden, als u veel buiten bent en/of een lichte huidskleur heeft.
Houd de bovengrens aan in de wintermaanden, als u weinig buiten komt en/of een donkere huidskleur heeft. 

werkzame stof (cholecalciferol), vulmiddel (extra vergiene olijfolie), capsule (rundergelatine, glycerine en water)

koel en droog bewaren 
buiten bereik van jonge kinderen houden

bijwerkingen & contra-indicaties
bij zwangerschap altijd arts en of apotheker informeren
niet gebruiken bij nierdialyse
niet gebruiken bij overmatige calcium afzetting of overmatige calcium (melk) consumptie

allergenen informatie
bevat geen bekende allergenen (tarwe, gluten, lupine, pinda's, noten, selderij, mosterd, sesam, koemelk, ei, vis, schaal-, schelp- of weekdieren)

bevat gelatine

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