Creatine, the versatile sports supplement

Creatine, the versatile sports supplement

Creatine is the sports supplement that is universally ignored by most people with the thought it is just meant for strength athletes.

But creatine is so much more than a supplement that helps athletes to increase strength. Creatine helps men and women reaching their physical maturity to keep their fitness and vitality.
Creatine does not just help maintain muscle strength, but is also good for your brain and above all the heart (muscle).
As a consequence, supplementing with creatine is a great idea for anyone.

Be warned, there is creatine in many different varieties and forms. At Pasio we only carry the purest and therefore the best quality creatine. We especially recommend the easy to swallow Jarrow Formulas Creatine capsules, a product that many of the athletes that we've been working with since the late 1990s have taken at our recommendation. Creatine is the sports supplement that should be in everyone's medicine cabinet.

Creatine consists of 3 amino acids (arginine, glycine and methionine). It is made in the liver but also derived from food upon which it is transported to the muscles, heart and brain to aid in energy production.

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