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Jarrow Formulas CLA 750 Clarinol helps to keep the weight off and maintain a shapely figure. A natural source of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), Clarinol CLA can decrease body fat while at the same time, lean muscle mass can be retained or even increase.

CLA contains conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), a unique optical isomer of the polyunsaturated fatty acid linoleic acid. CLA is a lipid component of cell membranes and breast milk. Although dietary sources of CLA typically include red meat and dairy products, CLA assists in glucose metabolism, body fat reduction and retain muscle mass when dieting or increae muscle mass when eating in a caloric surplus.
Studies show especially males in their 50's and beyond benefit from CLA in their quest to build muscle and drop body fat.
Jarrow Formulas CLA is derived from safflower oil. Each 1000 mg softgel contains a minimum 75-82% CLA (providing at least 750 mg CLA per softgel) an amount that cannot be derived from natural food unless eating a too large amount of calories. For instance, two CLA softgels offer the CLA equivalent of 38 slices of full-fat cheese.

key benefits
• CLA helps to break down body fat while on a healthy maintenance diet
• CLA spares muscle protein during training
• CLA supplementation works wonders in middle aged men who are on a weight training regimen
• CLA works synergistally with creatine

What is CLA?
Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is a group of compounds closely related to linoleic acid itself (an omega-6 fatty acid), one of the two families of essential fatty acids which we must eat regularly for good health. Even though CLA is derived from linoleic acid, it has special properties not found in the parent compound.

CLA has been studied for two decades in various animal models. It is a fatty acid nutrient which occurs naturally in beef, turkey and many dairy products. The reason that CLA is supplied by meats and dairy products is that it is the result of linoleic acid being metabolized by the bacteria Butyrivibrio fibrosolvens, an organism found in the intestinal tracts of some animals, particularly ruminants, such as cows. Unfortunately, modern agricultural practices reduce the amount of CLA present in the foods we usually consume. Also, not all meats and oils are good sources of CLA. Pork, chicken, fish and vegetable oils, for instance, contain very little CLA. Currently, CLA is produced commercially from sunflower or safflower oil.

Linoleic acid is a molecule which consists of a chain of 18 carbon atoms. Most of the carbon atoms are linked to neighboring atoms by “single bonds.” Two of lhe links in the chain are the more rigid “double bonds.” Chemical reactions can cause one of the double bonds to shift so that it is separated from the other by only one single bond to form a “conjugated” fatty acid. Thus, when the two double bonds in linoleic acid are moved closer together in the chain, a conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) molecule is created. The placement of the double bonds affects the molecule’s shape and functions.

Partitioning agent to reduce fat stores
Currently, scientists believe that CLA alters the way that fats are broken down and stored in various membranes and tissues. The ratio of saturated fats to monosaturated fats in tissues is altered. The effect of this change, in the several species of animals studied, is a reduction in food consumption and a reduction in stored fat.

Dieters, of course, are primarily interested in whether CLA will help them lose weight. The answer here is that research to date indicates that this supplement may be better at making you leaner than at making you lighter. In a variety of animal models, adding CLA to the diet for four to eight weeks has been shown to substantially reduce the amount of fat found in the body (from 10.13% to 4.34% in one study) and to moderately increase the amount of lean tissue. In these animals, CLA caused some minor reductions in appetite, and that might account for some of its effects.

Another possible mechanism of action of CLA could be the reduction of leptin levels. Leptin is a protein that is synthesized and secreted by fat cells. Scientific evidence indicates leptin acts centrally to regulate appetite and energy expenditure, as well as peripherally to regulate whole-body energy metabolism. High levels of leptin are linked with increased adiposity. Animal and human studies confi rm CLA’s ability to reduce leptin levels. In fact, in one two-year study with CLA, leptin levels decreased 20–35% as the subjects lost body fat mass.

Positive changes in body composition and in other physiological markers might begin to appear only after four to eight weeks of continued use. CLA is therefore not a “quick fix” for weight loss. Its real potential benefit is that once you’ve lost the fat, you may continue to stay leaner than before with less effort.

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  • Tonalin®
  • discontinued
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recommended use
weight management
take 1 capsule with water or an acidic fruit juice twice a day with a meal

contains per daily serving (1 softgel)
conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) 750 mg†
safflower oil base 250mg†

RDI = Recommended Daily Intake
† = RDI not established

active ingredient (conjugated linoleic acid from safflower oil), antioxidant (mixed tocopherols), capsule (bovine gelatin, glycerin, purified water)

store in a cool, dry place
keep out of reach of young children

allergy information
contains no familiar allergens (wheat, gluten, soy, lupin, nuts/tree nuts, celery, mustard, sesame seeds, dairy, egg, fish/shellfish or mollusks)

contains gelatin

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