Citrulline 750 mg 180 capsules | Power Supplements

Citrulline 750 mg 180 capsules  | Power Supplements

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Citrulline 750mg bevat L-citrulline, dat verkwikkend werkt op spieren, het lichamelijk welbevinden en dus op het prestatievermogen.
Citrulline helpt spieren om melkzuur sneller af te voeren en gevoeliger te maken voor het spieropbouwende / spierherstellende hormoon testosteron

Citrulline verhoogt de energie productie, biedt weerstand tegen vermoeidheid en bespoedigt het herstel. 

Citrulline heeft een belangrijke invloed op de aërobe vermogen van sporters, door de productie van ATP (de universele drager van energie) te vergroten, weerstand te bieden tegen vermoeidheid. Citrulline bevordert het hergebruik van melkzuur uit de spieren door er weer ATP van te maken en giftige bijproducten als ammonium af te voeren. Met Citrulline kan de sporter zijn of haar grenzen verleggen door bijvoorbeeld de trainingsduur of intensiteit te verhogen zoals dat ook kan met creatine, maar dan zonder de bijwerkingen die geassocieerd zijn met creatine zoals verzuring.

Citrulline kan ook worden gebruikt als libido supplement daar het als directe precursor van stikstofoxide wat kan bijdragen aan het kunnen ontwikkelen van fermere erecties. Bij vrouwen heeft een toename van stikstofoxide in de bloedbaan een gunstige invloed op de aanmaak van vaginale vloeistof wat de penetratie wat makkelijker maakt.

Stikstof oxide is de chemische stof die de bloedvaten van de skelet spieren en de penis verwijdt en in de penis zorgt voor erecties. Citrulline is de meest effectieve vorm van Arginine suppletie daar het voor meer gelijkmatige aanmaak van Arginine zorgt. Arginine is hét aminozuur waarmee het lichaam stikstof oxide kan produceren.

Citrulline wordt ook gebruikt in Frankrijk als niet receptplichtig geneesmiddel bij vermoeidheid en recuperatie na een operatie, training of wedstrijd. Vooral ouderen lijken vooral genoeg te hebben aan 1 tablet per dag voor meer vitaliteit en of herstel van fysieke arbeid.

De effecten van Citrulline op een rij
Dit supplement draagt op een veilige manier bij aan
• 30% efficiëntere conversie van creatine in creatine fosfaat
• verbeterde afvoer en hergebruik van lactaat (melkzuur) voor hernieuwe spierenergie
• bevordert de aanmaak van stikstof oxide, een goede weerstand
• betere doorbloeding geslachtsorganen
• mild voor maag en darmen
• pure L-citrulline

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  • Kyowa Hakko®
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April 2022
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  • gelatin
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Exercise and immunity: staying fit at home

When you are used to go to a gym to exercise and are forced to stay at home, it is good to know there are alternatives to gym workouts. Since most of those exercises are shown on short videos with an explanation we will not present much text this time , apart from explaining why exercise is so important for immune system.

Heart disease: what are the differences between men and women?

Past week there was attention for new documentary called "De slag om het vrouwenhart", made by Hella de Jong, in which she relates about her quest for heart health. She suspected health problems, but wasn't sure why. After having been told her problems were psychosomatic, caused by her parents' traumatic WWII experiences, she wasn't satisfied and kept pushing for more research. Finally she got a massive heart attack while perfoming a stress test in the hospital.

This interview sent me on an immediate flashback to 1985, when my mom felt ill enough to visit the hopital after what was probably a minor heart attack. Her complaints weren't taken very seriously, yet they admitted her to hospital, though without being tied to a heart monitor. It was here she died that same day in the presence of my brother. When listening to Hella's story it seems there hasn't changed much in 35 years.

For a very long time, women were not taken into consideration when research was conducted on heart diseasae. Nor were they taken seriously when they went to their doctors with health complaints. Yet, among women, heart disease has also become the leading cause of death.

Determining heart disease risk in women

Women and men share many heart disease risk factors, but recent studies are showing what previous male-focused studies have not shown: Women also have their own unique heart disease risk factors.

Traditional risk factors common to both women and men:

  • obesity
  • smoking
  • diabetes
  • high blood pressure
  • family history
  • metabolic syndrome – the co-existence of high blood pressure, obesity, and high glucose and triglyceride levels
  • high levels of C-reactive protein – a sign of inflammatory disease that can occur along with other cardiovascular risk factors

Some risk factors that relate specifically to women or that can affect women disproportionately include:

  • relatively high testosterone levels prior to menopause
  • increasing hypertension during menopause
  • autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis – more common in women than in men
  • stress and depression are more common among women
  • low risk factor awareness: lack of recognition of many of the above conditions as risk factors for heart disease is a risk factor in itself

About us

Everything really started with an advertisement in an American muscle magazine with the name MM2K (Muscle Media 2000) for a product called DHEA

MM2K was a magazin based in Denver, Colorado that was founded and led by Bill Philips, who would later on become famous as a co-author of the book 'Body for Life'.

At the time, MM2K was a revolutionary magazine because they didn't tell you lies about doping use in sports and bodybuilding and strength sports in particular, unlike other magazines that were solely focused on inspirational stories and faking how bodyubuilding was a doping-free sports.

By contrast, MM2K wrote openly about doping, supplements, nutrition, training, and other gossip stories about health, sports and politics.
MM2K had great contributing authors, such as Bill Philips himself, Dan Duchaine who was seen as the 'mad scientist' and Charles Poliquin, a well-respected personal trainer. Dan Duchaine wrote extensively about diet drugs, which he wrote down in his booklet 'Dirty Dieting', which would become the starting point for more diet books written by Lyle McDonald.

Can training with just weight machines make you stronger?

Whomever has been a member of a gym in the past 15 years, will have noticed how slowly but surely, machines have taken a back seat and more and more space is given to 3-dimensional weight equipment, like suspension (TRX-)trainers, gym balls, kettle bells and even fun stuff that was formerly unheard of like pole dances and climbing walls.
A very popular trend is the development of Cross-Fit in which both strength and endurance is equally valued and in which Olympic weightlifting exercises are also incorporated.
As someone who has dabbled both in Olympic and power lifting as well as endurance cycling, I've been very happy about this development even though I keep using machines myself too. Recently, Christian Finn, a coach who specialized in rehab training, pointed out how machines have a more important role than most of us realize. It's well worth sharing it in our blog, too.

How to make a habit out of good intentions

Sometimes you stumble on articles, that are too good to pass up on. For those who have started the year with good intentions, we are sharing an article on how to make a habit out of good intentions. It's written by a guy who changed his habits after he became a father and wanted to be a good parent by setting an example.

Your net worth to the world is usually determined by what remains after your bad habits are subtracted from your good ones.”
~Benjamin Franklin
You probably agree with that statement.

But, for you (and everyone else) the problem is that good habits are hard to form and bad habits are easy to keep.
It is certainly true for me. Like most of us, I meant to start exercising for about six years after I started my career.
But it never happened. I’d do it for two or three weeks here and there, but nothing that ever stuck.
Then, all of a sudden, it did.

And it did because something changed for me. I had a son that was old enough to mimic me and that I wanted to be able to keep up with for the next twenty years. That scared me straight essentially.

In a number of areas in my life, including fitness, I realized he was going to base a significant portion of his view of how to live life and what habits were important off of what he watched me do.
So I stopped acting like I was going start exercising and I actually did it.

To create my new habit, I used a combination of the techniques below. You can use them to firm up your new habit and get your good habit quotient up.

Keto diets for endurance athletes

Many of us will have heard of the advantages of very low carb diets for obese patients and more specifically for diabetics. Going very low carb results in not having as much hunger and much healthier blood glucose levels. Another group that often goes on a keto diet are those who want to prevent tumour growth.

Don't sabotage your virility!

Plasticizers are additives of which phtalates are the most abundant ones (and bisphenol-A or BPA the best known) that are used to increase the flexibility or plasticity of the material to which they are added, normally rigid plastic and as additives in paint and adhesives.

Phtalates are not just found in obvious plastic packaging, building materials and toys, but also in fragrances, cosmetics, shampoo, shaving cream, and other cleaning detergents.

Blood flow and vasodilation

Vasodilation is the process by which the blood vessels in the body relax and widen, allowing for greater blood flow. One of the main triggers of vasodilation is nitric oxide (NO).
Therefore, anything that increases nitric oxide production in the body will also increase vasodilation.

Wat is citrulline?

Citrulline dat verkwikkend werkt op de spieren, lichamelijk welbevinden en dus op het prestatievermogen. Citrulline is zowel een precursor voor de essentiële aminozuren arginine en ornithine en daardoor een precursor voor stikstof (NO), wat inwerkt op zowel de geslachtsorganen als op die spieren, waar het helpt bij de afvoer van melkzuur en de spieren gevoeliger maakt voor het spieropbouwende / spierherstellende hormoon testosteron.

aanbevolen gebruik
algemene richtlijn: neem capsules altijd in met water op nuchtere maag of tussen maaltijden in en neem maximaal 6 capsulesper dag
libido: 2 tot 3 capsules 30 minuten voorafgaand aan de daad
betere sportprestaties: 2 tot 3 capsules 30 minuten voorafgaand aan een training of wedstrijd
sportherstel: 2 tot 3 capsules direct na een training of wedstrijd
vermoeidheid: 2 capsules op een nuchtere maag in de ochtend of 1 capsules op nuchtere maag in de ochtend en 1 capsules in de namiddag

bevat per minimale dagdosering (1 capsule)
L-citrulline 750 mg†

ADH = Aanbevolen Dagelijkse Hoeveelheid
† = geen ADH vastgesteld

werkzame stof (L-citrulline), vulmiddel (rijstzetmeel), antiklontermiddel (magnesiumstearaat), capsule (rundergelatine)

Koel, droog, donker, afgesloten bewaren bij normale kamertemperatuur (tussen 15 - 22°C) buiten bereik van kinderen.

bijwerkingen en contra-indicaties
kan bloeddrukverlagend werken als gevolg van het vaatverwijdend effect

Niet gebruiken in combinatie met medicijnen voor het hart- en vaatstelsel, in combinatie met libido-verhogende medicatie, bij leveraandoeningen, bij zwangerschap of borstvoeding. Mensen met een (latente) koortslip dienen L-citrulline alleen te gebruiken in combinatie met het aminozuur L-lysine. Bij het gebruik van synthetisch citrulline-DL-malaat kunnen hartkloppingen optreden. Indien u deze of een andere bijwerking bemerkt bij het gebruik van zuivere L-citrulline, neemt u dan contact op met ons op. 

allergenen informatie
bevat geen bekende allergenen (tarwe, gluten, soja, lupine, pinda's , noten, selderij, mosterd, sesam, koemelk, ei, vis, schaal-, schelp- of weekdieren)

bevat gelatine

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