Borage GLA-240 120 softgels - gamma-linoleenzuur uit bernagie-olie | Jarrow Formulas

Borage GLA-240 120 softgels - gamma-linoleenzuur uit bernagie-olie | Jarrow Formulas

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Jarrow Formulas Borage GLA 240 120 softgels bevordert de weerstand en maakt de huid mooier en strakker. Borage GLA 240 bevat GLA uit koudgeperste borage olie (ook wel bernagie genoemd), de rijkste bron voor gamma-linoleenzuur, vrij van gassen, zware metalen en bestrijdingsmiddelen. Borage olie verrijkt met antioxidant gamma-tocoferolen, een familie van sterkere vormen van vitamine E. GLA uit borage olie is arm aan oestrogene sterolen wat borage olie interessanter maakt voor mannen dan teunisbloemolie.

GLA werkt vooral gunstig in op een overactief immuunsysteem, waar de overexpressie / prikkeling van het immuunsysteem de kwaal verergert.
GLA helpt eveneens om vet van het lichaam te houden na een afslankkuur. Het activeert namelijk het Sirtuin 2 enzym, zodat het calorische restrictie nabootst en vetcellen klein houdt.

De meeste GLA is meestal afkomstig van plantaardige olie gewonnen uit teunisbloem (Oenothera biennis) of zwarte bes (Ribes Nigrum). Borageolie is echter de rijkste bron van GLA. GLA wordt als sinds jaar en dag gebruikt als traditioneel medicijn bij behandeling van een overgevoelig afweersysteem, niet zo soepele gewrichten of hormonale inbalans waarbij teveel oestrogenen zich in de bloedbaan bevinden. Een betere balans is daarbij gunstig gebleken voor haargroei bij mannen, minder vetafzetting rond het middel.

Waarom GLA supplementeren?!
Het lichaam kan GLA maken van linolzuur maar vrij beperkt, daarbij geldt ook dat een te grote inname van linolzuur ontstekingen in de hand werkt. Hoewel GLA wel een omega 6 vetzuur is, heeft het louter gunstige invloed op het lichaam tegenstelling tot andere omega 6 vetzuren. Vooral oudere mensen kunnen maar matig voldoende GLA aanmaken uit linolzuur wat suppletie interessant maakt.

Oestrogenen en GLA
Andere studies laten zien dat behandeling van bepaalde aandoeningen met receptplichtige medicijnen effectiever worden als GLA ook wordt meegenomen in een behandeling

effecten van Borage GLA 240 op een rij
• betere hormonale balans tussen testosteron en oestrogeen
• een stabiel immuunsysteem
• mooiere strakke huid
• minder vet op het middel bij mannen en vrouwen

• hoogste concentratie gamma-linoleenzuur supplementen verkrijgbaar
• geen ongewenste fyto-oestrogeen
• zuiver moleculair gedistilleerde borage olie

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Should I get the vaccin against COVID-19 or not? On vaccines, ivermectin, paracetamol and fever 

By late April most older adults in the Netherlands will have received an invitation from the government or their physicians to get vaccinated. My own invitation came in this past week, quite a bit earlier than expected. 
To be honest, it took me much longer to decide than anticipated. And no, it wasn't just because of all the health scares around the AstraZeneca vaccin due to rare thrombosis incidences. 
In general, I'm a fan of vaccinations. As a child I received all of the vaccins that were given to us, with no questions asked.
When travelling to Brazil in 2002, I also followed the guidelines to get vaccinated against yellow fever and hepatitis B. 
Like most people, I've also been in awe about the speed at which vaccines were developed for COVID-19. Unlike some, I'm also not as concerned about the use of new mRNA technology to develop the Moderna and Pfizer vaccins. What does appal me though is the high cost for these vaccins, that run in to almost €20 for those high tech vaccins as opposed to just about €2 for a traditional vaccin like Oxford AstraZeneca.
What's worse is that those vaccins don't even offer absolute protection and people may be reinfected with a newer virus strain. Or they may require yearly booster vaccins. 
As I was pondering whether or not to get vaccinated, a Youtube video passed by in which dr. John Campbell interviewed dr. Pierre Kory. 

Plastics in our body

Only fairly recently we have become aware of the dangers of plastics in our environment.
For a long time we thought these plastics would not be of any concern to us. However, invariably, most plastics end up somewhere in the environment: they sit at the bottom of the sea, mix into beach sand, and blow in the wind. They’re also inside us.

It's possible that humans may be consuming anywhere from 39 to 52 thousand microplastic particles a year. With added estimates of how much microplastic might be inhaled, that number is more than 74 thousand.
People who drink only bottled water ingest an additional 90 thousand particles.

When researchers from Johns Hopkins looked at the impact of eating seafood contaminated with microplastics, they too found the accumulated plastic could damage the immune system and upset a gut's balance.

Scientists are scrambling to understand the dose at which microplastics start to have noticeable health effects. Like air pollution or harmful construction materials, those who have more exposure or pre-existing conditions may be less able to tolerate plastic.

How to cure a hangover

Quite a lot of people wake up the day after a major holiday like the recent King's Day or Liberation Day with a hangover due to imbibing too much alcohol.
The most widespread assumption is that a hangover is caused by not drinking enough water, and therefore those that aren't drunk enough to remember what to do, will drink a few litres of water before going to bed or at least will try to do so the next morning. Other very popular cures are to drink a lot of coffee and eat a hearty egg-based breakfast. Another advice was heard on the radio from a Dutch food blogger who exclaimed how eating toast with honey is a definite cure for hangovers. Around the world a myriad of folk remedies exist for this ancient 'disease'.

Do these remedies actually work and are there some others you didn't think of?

Before we dive into that, let's first discuss the hangover itself.

The lost art of flirting

In the past weeks, no years one after another scandal about sexual abuse came out in the open, where the pattern was very clear: one person being far more powerful than the other, who didn't speak up until even decades later, about the abuse out of respect or fear.

Yet, despite all the outrage over sexual intimidation, we almost seem to forget about desirable intimacies and the sheer fun of flirting.
Fortunately, in Europe flirting is still considered to be an innocent game , but in the USA male students have started to stop approaching female students for fear of being accused of sexual intimidation.

In a time, when non-verbal communication is diminishing and both sexes seem to be fighting each other, it made sense to focus on a more pleasant aspect of communication: the flirt. All over the world, both men and women seem to forget how to flirt. In a rapidly changing society, where most communication happens over a smart phone, people literally have less "eye" contact and forget the (mostly) non-verbal language of flirting.

That is why we need a course in flirting, Flirting 101 so to say. Fortunately I didn't need to write it myself, there is one already on the internet. Not a nonsensical girly guide, but one based on real scientific facts.
We can't share the entire content here, so I will limit myself to sharing the introduction and adding an explanation as to why we don't always recognize flirting behaviour or think someone is flirting when they aren't but were just paying you (or your loved one) a compliment.

aanbevolen gebruik
neem 1 á 2 capsules in per dag bij een maaltijd met water in of zoals aanbevolen door apotheker, arts of anders gekwalificeerde medische hulpverlener

neem 2 capsules in per dag bij een maaltijd met water in of zoals aanbevolen door apotheker, arts of anders gekwalificeerde medisch hulpverlener

dosering per capsule
Gamma linoleenzuur 240 mg †

ADH = Aanbevolen Dagelijkse Hoeveelheid
† = geen ADH vastgesteld

werkzame stof (hexaan-vrije koudgeperste borage-olie (Borago officinalis)), antioxidant (gammatocoferol), capsule (runder- en varkensgelatine, glycerine en water)

koel en droog bewaren 
buiten bereik van jonge kinderen houden

bijwerkingen & contra-indicaties
kan een licht bloedverdunnend effect hebben, raadpleeg uw arts om evt de dosering van bloedverdunnende geneesmiddelen aan te passen
niet gebruiken indien er sprake is van zwangerschap of borstvoeding

allergenen informatie
bevat sporen van soja
bevat geen bekende allergenen (tarwe, gluten, lupine, pinda's , noten, selderij, mosterd, sesam, koemelk, ei, vis, schaal-, schelp- of weekdieren)

bevat gelatine

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