Baby's BIG Support 123 gram - comprehensive infant formula with phosopholipids, GOS, HMO and lactoferrine | Jarrow Formulas

Baby's BIG Support 123 gram - comprehensive infant formula with phosopholipids, GOS, HMO and lactoferrine | Jarrow Formulas

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Jarrow Formulas Baby's Big Support is a comprehensive infant formula for brain, gut and immune support.

During in utero and up to 2 years old (First 1,000 Days from conception), growth and development, especially of the brain, occur rapidly. Nutrition during this period can have life-long health effects.

Baby’s BIG Support is a novel combination of complex milk lipids, prebiotics, and lactoferrin, which are mostly lacking in infant formulas, to support Brain, Immune and Gut development:

Brain – phospholipids, ceramides and gangliosides support accelerated brain growth and cognitive development.

Immune – lactoferrin, 2’-FL and Bimuno® GOS promote beneficial bifidobacteria in the gut to support healthy immune development.

Gut – lactoferrin, 2’-FL, Bimuno® GOS, and gangliosides help shape a healthy infant gut microbiota to support gut maturation.

Bimuno® is a registered trademark of Clasado IP Limited and is protected by patent 7,883,874.

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Jarrow Formulas
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  • Bimuno®
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Aug 2021
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  • infants
  • cow's milk
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recommended use
For newborns and infants up to 12 months old, mix 1 level tablespoon (4.1 g) with formula or breast milk, in divided doses through the day, or as directed by your qualified healthcare professional.

NOTE: if your child has a medical condition or is taking medications, consult your healthcare professional before using this product.

contains per daily serving (1 level tablespoon, 4.1g)
calories 20kcal
total fat 1g
total carbohydrates 1g
- dietary fiber <1g
- total sugars <1g
protein 2g

Lipamine M20 milk phospholipid concentrate 3g †
- total phospholipids 480mg †
--- phosphatidylcholine 120mg
--- sphingomyelin 105mg
--- phosphatidylethanolamine 90mg
--- phosphatidylserine 30mg
- ceramides 45mg  †
- gangliosides 600mg
GalactoOligoSaccharides 600mg †
- from 790mg Bimuno® GOS complex
2'-FL Human Milk OligoSaccharide (HMO) 150mg  †
lactoferrin 100mg  †

† - Daily Value not established

100% infant formula

store in a cool dry place
powder may clump, which does not affect the intended use of the product
keep out of reach of young children

none reported

allergy information
contains milk
contains no other familiar allergens (wheat, gluten, soy, lupin, nuts/tree nuts, celery, mustard, sesame seeds, egg, fish/shellfish or mollusks)

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