B12 - Hydroxycobalamin 1mg 60 lozenges | AOR

B12 -  Hydroxycobalamin 1mg 60 lozenges | AORB12 -  Hydroxycobalamin 1mg 60 lozenges | AOR

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AOR Hydroxy-B12 1mg - hydroxocobalamin is a unique form of vitamin B12, which is more readily converted into the coenzyme forms than conventional cyanocobalamin. Hydroxocobalamin also readily binds body stores of cyanide, unlike conventional cyanocobalamin., which already includes cyanide in its structure. Hydroxocobalamin can be converted into both adenosyl- or methylcobalamine, which are the two versions of B12 made in the body. This makes hydroxy-B12 an interesting option if you hesitate between the various forms of B12.

who benefits from using B-12?
The largest group that will benefit from suppletion with B12 are vegans and vegetarians who consume no or very small amounts of animal-derived protein.
Furthermore there's a group of people who lack adequate amounts of the so-called 'intrinsic factor' which is essential for B12-absorption in the intestines. This intrinsic factor is made by the stomach. People who produce very little stomach acid or who take medicin that reduce stomach acid production like antacids, which reduces B12-uptake.
Another group are those that are gluten-intolerant but who consume too much gluten, which damages the villi in the gut where B12-absorption takes place.
The major advantage of sublingual tablets is that absorption takes place in the mouth through the mucus of the cheek into the blood vessels, so a lack of intrinsic factor is bypassed, just like with B12-injections.

key benefits
• promotes cardiovascular health
• promotes brain function
• helps rid the body of cyanide
• supports the brain and nervous system
• required for methylation cycles
• readily converted into the coenzyme form

background reading
The Roles of B12
Hydroxy B12 is hydroxocobalamin, an unusual form of vitamin B12. This vitamin is essential for the health of the brain and nervous system, and protects nerves from degeneration. Vitamin B12 is also an important part of the crucial biological pathways known as methylation cycles. The active coenzyme form of B12 that is used by the body is methylcobalamin. The conventional form of supplemental B12 is cyanocobalamin, but this form must be converted into methylcobalamin before the body can use it. Hydroxocobalamin bypasses a step of this conversion, and is therefore more readily turned into an active and useful form.

When cyanide is present
While the majority of people will benefit most from taking methylcobalamin itself, hydroxocobalamin offers unique benefits to individuals who may have cyanide toxicity. Hydroxocobalamin binds cyanide to make it easier for the body to get rid of it, and it also enhances the chemical’s detoxification.

A unique supplement
AOR’s Hydroxocobalamin delivers the essential functions of standard vitamin B12 while at the same time ridding the body of cyanide, all in a convenient and reliable lozenge form.

Better Than Regular B12
Hydroxocobalamin is a unique form of vitamin B12, which is more readily converted into the active coenzyme form than conventional cyanocobalamin. Many vitamins, including B12, are not biologically active in the form in which they are normally found in food. In these cases, the body has to convert a vitamin into its coenzyme form in order for the vitamin to exert its biological function.

The Different Forms of B12
The body uses vitamin B12 in the form of two different coenzymes, each of which plays a different role in the body. Adenosylcobalamin was discovered earlier, and is the better-known of these coenzymes. Methylcobalamin is the other coenzyme form of B12. Methylcobalamin prevents the creeping numbness, dementia, and spongy degeneration of the nerve cells seen in B12 deficiency. Adenosylcobalamin helps the body to process some amino acids, and to form substances used in the body’s energy cycle. One coenzyme can’t substitute for the other, any more than you can use your house keys to start your car.

Different Functions
While a good diet and supplement program usually guarantees the body a generous supply of adenosylcobalamin (unless you have a deadly genetic defect), the same cannot be said of methylcobalamin. While adenosylcobalamin is readily stored up in the liver, methylcobalamin’s job requires that it be free to circulate in body fluids. Because of this, methylcobalamin doesn’t hang around in the body for very long.

Thus, while a person getting enough of the basic vitamin (cobalamin) will always have plenty of adenosylcobalamin, the nervous system has no special store of protective methylcobalamin on which to rely. In fact, the body’s methylcobalamin “fuel tanks” can easily be brought below optimal levels, and the supply is quickly depleted if it is not constantly replenished.

An Easier Conversion
When you take a regular B12 (cyanocobalamin) supplement, the body must first convert its B12 into hydroxocobalamin in order to form the B12 coenzymes. This involves the removal and detoxification of the cyanide molecule, followed by biochemical reduction, and then the enzymatic conversion of the reduced cobalamin into one of two metabolically active coenzyme forms.
By taking a preformed hydroxocobalamin supplement, you can skip over this first biochemical stumbling block, allowing for unhampered formation of adenosylcobalamin and methylcobalamin.

Methylcobalamin or Hydroxocobalamin?
Because the body can interconvert the two B12 coenzymes, and because the body stores adenosylcobalamin but not methylcobalamin, an adequate supply of methylcobalamin usually ensures that you’ll have plenty of adenosylcobalamin, too - but not vice-versa. Because of this fact, and because of the powerful neuroprotective effects of methylcobalamin, a fully-formed methylcobalamin supplement is the best choice for most people.

Hydroxocobalamin and Cyanide Toxicity
One key exception is persons with known or suspected cyanide toxicity, where hydroxocobalamin has a unique role to play. Hydroxocobalamin helps the body to rid itself of cyanide, both by reacting with the toxin to form cyanocobalamin (which can then be excreted) and by enhancing the detoxification of cyanide through its conversion into the less toxic thiocyanate.
In isolated human cells, hydroxocobalamin penetrates cyanide-laden cells and detoxifies the toxin directly. Hydroxocobalamin has a long history of intravenous use for acute, life-threatening cyanide toxicity (such as during industrial disasters) and is approved for this use in many European countries. At lower doses, oral hydroxocobalamin increases the urinary excretion of thiocyanate in laboratory animals fed cyanide-containing diets.
Sublingual hydroxocobalamin, complexed with betacyclodextrin, is an ideal choice for a B12 supplement in persons concerned with chronic, low-level cyanide toxicity.

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Feeling sad and stressed due to COVID-lockdown?

Depression in winter time is quite normal, because we aren't exposed to the vitamin D-generating sunrays, which also enhances immunity levels. Fortunately, we can take vitamin D supplements to combat seasonal depression as well as enhance immunity levels.

Another way to chase sadness away is by celebrating, no matter whether that's Sinterklaas, Winter Solstice, Hanukkah, Christmas or New Year. We will decorate our houses, exchange gifts and overeat , get a bit tipsy and enjoy ourselves.
This year is different: restaurants, shops and even gyms need to close down and we are not allowed to gather together in groups. Lack of entertainment, retail therapy and exercise will make it much more difficult to overcome feelings of depression.
It gets worse when you are among those who work in the tourism or entertainment industry and have lost your job as well as most of your income.

For now it is probably best to just accept the current state of affairs and try to console yourself with non-edible goods, such as nice music with a good book, entertaining movie, and aromatherapy (perfume/room fragrances).
And, weather permitting, put on your walking shoes and go for a long walk in the forests or local park.

But perhaps you have been feeling too stressed to enjoy whatever you still can do to relax? Or you were already feeling sad before COVID-19 came along? In that case, DHEA might help.

Common foods that are dangerous for our pets

Last week we sold SAM-e to a dog owner who had been told by her vet to give it to her dog that accidentally was poisoned eating xylitol.
Xylitol, I asked in disbelief? That sweetener that is recommended by each dentist to use as a chewing gum because it is even healthy for us?
Yes, indeed, xylitol can and will poison your pet as it can't process it and as a result will cause damage to the liver.

After having induced vomiting, and being put on intubation to keep fluids up, the dog could go back home with his owner with the advice to give it one tablet of SAM-e every day in order to heal the liver.

Most of you probably also didn't know either how xylitol can be poisonous for pets. Which begs the question: what foods that we love to eat are poisonous for cats and dogs and should never be fed to them?

If your pet eats any of these things then the best thing to do is to get advice straight away from your local vet. Don't wait until they are developing problems because by then it could be too late. It will certainly be much more expensive. Don't leave them lying around and make sure they are stored away safely in cupboards. Preferably ones your pet can't open!

Here's a list of the most common poisonous foods that can kill your dog or cat.

Skin hunger: why we crave touch

As we are in the midst of the Easter Holiday, we can't help but feel sad. While Mother Nature is showing abundant signs of spring during a period of incredibly sunny weather, we are barely allowed to go outside other than to do what is absolutely necessary. Our gyms have been closed for almost a month now while in some countries, people aren't even allowed to exercise. Not just group exercise, but also to just jump on a bike and go for long rides. 

While couples and families get grumpy from living together in a cramped space, others face different problems: they are living without any companion whatsoever. Therefore it's not a miracle how all of a sudden, pet asylums have been able to 'clear out' their list of unwanted pets. Not just because people have more time at hand to walk a dog (just about the only thing some are allowed to do) but also because they crave the ability to touch a living being, for lack of being able to touch another human.

Somehow, just like the sense of smell is overlooked, this also is true for the sense of touch. Only when we lose it, we crave it. This craving also is called 'touch hunger' or 'skin hunger'.

Which nutritional supplements can you give to your pet?

Just as many pet parents are paying more attention these days to the quality of food they feed their companion animals, they are also realizing the potential benefits of nutritional supplements.

Supplements are becoming more and more recognized as a valuable component of a comprehensive care program for pets.

The primary categories for supplements include joint support, skin and coat health, GI tract health, and liver and kidney support. A less well-known but equally important type of supplement supports healthy circulation, optimal immune function, the healthy presence of oxygen in tissues, and cardiovascular health.

What is the relationship between religion and food?

In the past few weeks two different incidents made me stop and pause to think how much eating or not eating meat is starting to divide our society.
A vegan lifestyle, which once was a complete rarity in our country, seems to have become popular overnight among the hip and happening crowd.
This is in stark contrast with the general public, which is still very much in love with their steak and bacon.
A good example of that contrast was shown in the way the general public as well as vegans responded to the December edition of Allerhande, a popular supermarket magazine. People who like to celebrate Christmas in a traditional way, lamented the absence of classic meat-heavy recipes, while vegans rejoiced about the multitude of creative vegan recipes.
Because the complaints as well as the compliments were so vocal and heart-felt, it struck me how much veganism or refusal of it has almost become a religion of its own.
The loud complaints were nothing compared to the antisemitic vitriol that was spewn when the popular Palestinian vlogger Nas (Daily) decided to make an episode about Tel Aviv, the vegan capital of the world.

All this made me curious about the relation between religion and food laws and more specifically islamic and jewish food laws as well as to the reasons why even non-religious people get so worked up about food guidelines they are living by.

recommended use
Dissolve one lozenge under the tongue daily or as directed by a qualified health care practitioner.

contains per daily serving (1 lozenge)
hydroxycobalamin (hydroxy-B12) 1000 mcg

active ingredient (hydroxycobalamin), anticoagulant (silicon dioxide), sweetener (sorbitol), filler (magnesium stearate)

keep dry and closed at normal room temperature
keep out of reach of young children

safe for pregnant or lactating women

allergy information
contains no familiar allergens (wheat, gluten, soy, lupin, nuts/tree nuts, celery, mustard, sesame seeds, dairy, egg, fish/shellfish or mollusks)

suitable for vegetarians and vegans

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