Aging gracefully

Aging gracefully

Ever since mankind exists, one of our biggest desires is to age gracefully and therefore we are interested in the peculiarities of populations that grow very old, seemingly without effort.

Since we can't choose to follow the exact same lifestyle or inherit their genes, news on supplements that may influence the aging process get our profound interest.

At the cellular levels thinks do look promising indeed for PQQ. While we already know how vital co-enzyme Q10 is for proper functioning mitochondria, PQQ is essential too for proper reproduction and repair of mitochondria by activating genes that 'tell' mitochondria to actually do this.
Taking PQQ along with Q10 is the best combination possible to make mitochondria work optimally and hence, slow down the aging process.

PQQ is not just an essential co-enzyme for proper mitochondrial function, it also appears to result into better endurance and easier fat loss. 

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