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Minami Vegan DHA  contains DHA from the micro-algae Schizochytrium species,  which is offered as a vegetarian softgel capsule. Each minimal daily serving contains 250mg of omega-3 fatty acids which for 100% consists of 250mg DHA. Furthermore, 0,75mg of astaxanthin has been added. VeganDHA...
brandMinami best beforeJan 2025
Minami EPA+DHA Liquid , liquid EPA-DHA formula with vitamin D3 for adults at least 1500 mg EPA and 1500 mg DHA per 5 milliliter as triglyerides for optimum bio-availability  easy to swallow due to liquid formula easy to dose with a teaspoon  natural lemon flavour...
brandMinami best beforeMarch 2024
Minami MorDHA  contains purified omega-3 fatty acids with 480 mg DHA in each capsule. When a mother takes in another 200mg DHA each day apart from the regular recommended amount of 250 mg EPA + DHA, will improve development of the eyes and brain in a fetus during pregnancy and the infant when...
brandMinami best beforeMay 2023
Minami MorEPA  bevat gezuiverde omega 3-vetzuren met 590 mg EPA en 130mg DHA per capsule. EPA en DHA zijn goed voor het hart. Dit geldt bij een dagelijkse inname van minimaal 250mg EPA+DHA.  DHA is goed voor de hersenfunctie en het gezichtsvermogen. Dit geldt bij een dagelijkse inname van...
brandMinami best beforeFeb 2024
Minami MorEPA Move  is a complete supplement with omega-3 fatty acids of superior quality and well absorbed form of curcumin (extract from Curcuma longa), with added vitamin C. Using MorEPA Move will support the maintenance of flexible joints and healthy cartilage. Curcumine supports the...
brandMinami brand ingredientMeriva®
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