About Pasio

Ever since 2005 Pasio has been a trustworthy webshop to buy high quality nutritional supplements, not just of our own brand but also well respected brands such as Advanced Orthomolecular Research (AOR), Jarrow Formulas, Best Body, Mercola, Nature's Way, Power Supplements, Vitae Sense and Vitals. 

In our webshop you may find advanced orthomolecular supplements such as Fem Dophilus®, curcumin (Longvida®) extract, natural vitamins and minerals, krill oil, Menaquinon (MK-7), methyl-B12 lozenges, citrulline, nootropics, organic and plant-based protein poweders.
Everything that we sell is being produced by companies that are certified with the GMP and/or HACCP. 

Besides offering an excellent price/quality ratio and a vast assortment of excellent nutritional supplements we also guarantee a great service. 

Our webshop has been created so that you can find all of the products easily.
You can create a list of products you want to watch, compare, and search for products by type, brand, audience, indication.
Another method is by typing in what you want in the search field, upon which suggestions are made automatically as if we were reading your mind. 
You are also able to filter by brand, appearance, diet (allergies or diet concerns), discounts and price. 

Ordering is fast, easy and discrete. For customers who want their parcel delivered within the Netherlands, deliverance is free for orders over €30.
Whomever lives abroad will get a discount of €5 for orders over €30. You may contact us by email but also by means of the interactive chat , the contact form or by phone.

A bit of history

In between 2005 and 2015, the Pasio webshop was part and parcel of Pasio Ingredients. Pasio has always focused on 'novel' ingredients as well as superior-quality orthomolecular supplements from respected brands such as AOR and Jarrow Formulas.
Before that, in between 1998 and 2005, one of the founders was active selling orthomolecular supplements to a buyer's collective of chronically ill patients. 

Pasio Ingredients pioneered with krill oil, creatine ethyl ester, citrulline malate, beta-alanine, resveratrol, chocamine (theobromine) and sulbutiamine. Sometimes by buying them at top brands such as AOR and Jarrow Formulas and othertimes with our own label. 

As of 2015, the Pasio webshop relocated from pasioingredients.com to pasioonline.com . It didn't just become bilingual, but also became more private because we work from our own high-security server in Switzerland. The company name changed as well, to Mungotedo LLP. 

Mungotedo LLP has two main activities: selling nutritional supplements as well as host other companies on a top-notch secure server in politically stable Switzerland. 

Mungotedo LLP maintains the philosophy that every human being should be allowed to strive for individual freedom while respecting other people and the environment.

Supplements that are sold in the webshop are :

Safe - no risky formulas or outright dangerous ingredients

Effective - effective supplementation of your daily intake, supplements with the most effective dose per capsule or gram. This means we do NOT sell scientifically unproven homeopathic supplements.

Quality - highest quality supplements and vitamins of well-respected brands

Public - we publish the ingredients and dosage per capsule or per gram of each supplement sold in this webshop

Value - no hyped up supplements, no  "window dressing" supplements

Price - fair prices for all products

If you are interested in reading even more, read further in our blog article 'about us'